About DEAC

About DEAC

  • European data center operator
  • 2500 customers in 40 countries worldwide
  • More than 100 certified IT experts
  • Leader since 1999

Today DEAC is a well-known data center operator in Europe. Since opening business on August 9, 1999, we have continuously developed data centers infrastructure and our team’s professional capabilities, and, every year significantly extending the variety of services offered, increasing our customers’ loyalty. Nowadays, entrusting sensitive data of a business to a service provider means entrusting the whole operation of the business, and the DEAC team appreciates this high level of trust. 


The purpose

The main purpose of DEAC is to ensure financial development of our customers by evaluating their business targets, resources and IT needs. The services at DEAC data centers are amongst the most powerful and beneficial business tools for customers, enabling them to focus on their primary activities and delegate IT related matters to DEAC. Read the success stories of DEAC customers here

Services in place to meet the needs of customers

The service range at DEAC data centers meets both the needs of very small businesses, and specific and complicated requests of large global companies. Customers are provided with a phenomenal business continuity up to 99.995% and stable guarantees of service. The high quality of DEAC services is rooted in data centers that are built in compliance with the highest security standards of the world, fast and redundant data transmission channels and 24/7 support from DEAC IT experts.

Ambitious plans for the future

DEAC aims to become a powerful and competitive data center operator  throughout Europe in the next few years. The loyalty of our customers during the last three years has allowed DEAC to achieve a rapid development, which now gives us an opportunity to carry out plans that are even more ambitious. DEAC plans to open two high-capacity data centers in Latvia and Western Europe over the course of the next three years, and several representation offices to be opened for the convenience of foreign customers.

DEAC IT Business Solutions March 12, 2015 marks an important time in DEAC's history. It was a beginning of the first ever server stock clearance sale. DEAC has slashed the prices on thousands of servers and made them available for as little as 8 Euros per month.

DEAC IT Business Solutions At the beginning of 2015, following an increasing demand for a high quality and fast solutions, DEAC has internationally brought it’s services into the new level. The new concept of service level allows DEAC’s customers to use SUPERFAST implementation of data center services through the dedicated channels across the Europe.

DEAC IT Business Solutions In 2014, DEAC is carrying out an impressive project by implementing one of the world's most advanced virtual platforms that provides vast opportunities for business development and performance improvements.

DEAC IT Business Solutions DEAC concluded the year of 2013 with a record high turnover. During the last three years, the turnover of DEAC has increased by 264%.  Such a rapid development was possible due to high quality services and the loyalty of 2500 customers from more than 40 countries.

 DEAC IT Business Solutions In the second half of 2010, DEAC caught the attention of IT experts and businesses in the Russian market, and, following an invitation from customers, opened its first representation office abroad, further strengthening its position in Russia.

DEAC IT Business Solutions The second DEAC data center Riga was opened in 2009, and became the largest data center in the Baltics. DEAC customers, partners and IT experts recognized it to be the most advanced and secure data center in the Baltics, and suggested that the new DEAC data center’s capacity will definitely facilitate DEAC’s international competitiveness.

DEAC IT Business Solutions By improving quality of customer services, in 2008, DEAC obtained the first quality management certificate ISO 9001:2000, laying a strong foundation for achievement of development goals. 

DEAC IT Business Solutions DEAC data center’s services were first acknowledged abroad in 2002, more and more European and Russian customers entrusted their data to be stored and managed by DEAC. By achieving considerable success  each year, DEAC began to secure its position in the international arena.

DEAC IT Business Solutions Located in a former Soviet bomb shelter, the underground data center Grizinkalns was opened in 2000 and became the most secure data center in the Baltics. 

DEAC IT Business Solutions DEAC was established on 9 August, 1999.

The main benefit for customers is the experience of the DEAC team: more than 100 highly qualified and certified IT experts in Latvia and Russia serve 2500 customers in over 40 countries, with locations ranging from California in the USA to Sakhalin in Russia. In 1999, we started out with fewer than 10 employees. Today, the total number of DEAC employees is almost 100, most of whom are located at headquarters office in Riga. Since 2010, the DEAC representation office in Moscow is working with expanded team of professionals.


Customer contracts contain a detailed description of DEAC’s responsibility for the data and business of our customers. From DEAC’s work experience, it is clear that most of our customers attribute more importance to DEAC’s high reputation in the business circles of Europe and Russia, rather than its contractual description. In recent years, the majority of our new customers have chosen us through recommendations from our existing customers. This indicates that DEAC employees have a high level of responsibility working with customers’ data, and that they can find functional solutions for customers’ technical and business-related problems. Read the success stories of DEAC customers here.  


The DEAC team consists of certified and experienced IT experts who continuously improve their thorough competency in data center service provision by attending specialised training in Europe, Russia and USA. DEAC IT experts have gained certificates and recognition by Dell, HP, IBM, Fujitsu, EMC, Juniper, Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, Oracle, APC, Emerson, SDMO and other companies. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact DEAC customer support during working hours or DEAC technical support 24/7

IT Business Solutions DEAC
Reliable data centers

Excellent safety standards and excellent quality of service.

IT Business Solutions DEAC
Experienced IT experts

Professional and certified IT support 24/7. 

IT Business Solutions DEAC
Industry leader

A trusted partner for 2500 customers from 40 countries, acknowledged service provider in Europe.

IT Business Solutions DEAC
Data security 24/7

The highest level of data protection against all types of threats.

IT Business Solutions DEAC
High data availability

Uptime delivery up to 99.995 % with justified service guarantees.