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Public Cloud (VMware)

Ready-to-Use Virtual Resources

Experience flexible, scalable, and cost-effective cloud solutions with VMware. Easily manage your IT infrastructure and streamline operations with the latest technology. VMware is the trusted choice for reliable, secure, and innovative cloud solutions for enterprises.


No set up fee

No required minimum contract period

30-day free test period

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Private Cloud

Customizable Virtual Resources

Get physically isolated virtual infrastructure dedicated to your organization, which keeps your computing resources secure while efficiently managing your hardware usage. Private cloud provides full control over your IT projects with added flexibility, scalability, and compliance to meet your business needs.


Customizable resources

Complete control

Increased security

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myDEAC Cloud

Digital Cloud Space

Get scalable resources, improved backup management, and easy-to-use interactive network topology with myDEAC cloud service. DEAC R&D-developed cloud solution offers self-service options, private and shared firewalls, and monitoring alerts for small and mid-size enterprises (SME). Access the resources you need 24/7, anywhere, with just a few clicks.


Predictable upcoming expenses

Advanced backup management

Applies a pay-as-you-go system

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myDEAC Digital Cloud Space virtual machines

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myDEAC Virtual Machines

myDEAC Digital Cloud Space is a cloud-based platform that allows customers to create and manage virtual machines and order other services remotely in a few clicks. It is made to be convenient and reachable at any time and from any place.

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