Dedicated Servers (Bare Metal)

Servers with high performance that are already set up and ready to work, as well as options that can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your company.

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Whether you're a business or an individual, DEAC is the perfect solution for all your needs.


Advantages of using dedicated servers


Dedicated servers give your business-critical applications exclusive access to all server resources, including memory, storage, and processing power.


Having full control over a dedicated server and its resources increases data security and privacy.


Customize your dedicated server's hardware, software, and operating system.


Your business's storage, memory, and processing needs can be easily scaled with dedicated servers.


Leading global manufacturers power dedicated servers in reliable data centers with high-speed connections, ensuring high uptime and availability for your business.

Network and equipment guarantee:

Dedicated servers have 99.95% network uptime and 100% hardware guarantee for peace of mind.


For businesses with high-traffic websites or data-intensive applications, dedicated servers can save money over time.


Reliable DC infrastructure
with top-notch hardware

To meet your IT needs we offer world-class enterprise solutions with our long-term partners for hardware — Dell and HP, which shows our expertise, competency and dedication to exceptional customer service.

Power up your IT infrastructure by renting dedicated servers!

Dell Technologies Gold Partner, DEAC
HP Enterprise Business Partner, DEAC


You can select a server from one of our predefined options, or you can let us adapt a server to your particular specifications. In either case, you can be confident that you will be provided with a server that is both powerful and dependable in order to support the operations of your company.


Predefined hardware is limited availability while in stock.


Benefit from choosing DEAC dedicated servers

With a dedicated server, you have exclusive access to all the resources of the server, including memory, storage, and processing power. This means increased data availability and security for your business.

Unlimited Internet connection up to 1 Gbit/s
Full root control for running multiple websites and applications on one server
Option to install custom and specialized software
Free IP address
Unmetered traffic
24/7 support
Remote access to the console
Flexible server configurations with HDD and SSD hard drives

Get the most out of renting dedicated hardware

You can increase or decrease the use of computer resources on demand by renting servers and storage devices from a data center rather than purchasing and maintaining your own hardware. High-performance computing, data backup and restoration, online hosting and content delivery, meeting compliance and regulatory standards, and special events and temporary projects are all typical uses.


We recommend

our hardware rental for your business:

Database hosting

Large-scale data processing

Video editing

Financial systems managing

Medical records

Government databases

Cloud and virtual servers hosting

Web hosting

File and backup storage

Disaster recovery solution implementation

Gaming services

Remote desktop services

Streaming services

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DEAC FAQ server racks with dedicated servers


See our guides and articles about dedicated server use. Fast and easy-to-follow steps to assure you are doing the right thing.

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