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Experts’ advice implementing ISO regulations


DEAC experts have accumulated more than 15 years’ experience working with ISO standards and have successfully helped several companies to implement ISO-compliant internal management systems that comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 22301 standards requirements and strictly adhere to the principles of safe personal data processing (GDPR). We will help your enterprise not only to uncover weak spots that need to reinforce internal control, but also will make a detailed assessment of the processes in your company and provide suggestions to improve them.

Experts’ advice implementing ISO requirements
Assessmentof your existing system
Experts’ advice implementing ISO requirements
of processes
Experts’ advice implementing ISO requirements
Supportfor development
of documentation

Experts’ advice implementing ISO requirements
Supportfor implementation
of improvements
Experts’ advice implementing ISO requirements
Afterevaluation of effectiveness
Experts’ advice implementing ISO requirements
Executionduring and
after the audit



Experts’ advice implementing ISO requirementsLMT successfully obtained ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 14001 certifications after
professional consultations and help from DEAC experts.

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  • Full pre-audit to specify compliance with requirements

  • Detailed documentation about necessary improvements

  • Experts’ advice on continuous and smooth implementation

  • After implementation full post-audit to get ready for successful ISO compliance




Business continuity and information security compliance with internationally recognized standards
Experts’ advice implementing ISO requirements Time saving by relying on experts
Experts’ advice implementing ISO requirements Extra value for your customers
Experts’ advice implementing ISO requirements Risk minimization by introducing proven and recognized procedures
Experts’ advice implementing ISO requirements Full business process alignment




ISO 22301
The Business Continuity Management System includes the identification of potential operational risks and their impact assessment, as well as provides development and implementation of business continuity plans and procedures. As a result, customer confidence and business competitiveness increase.

ISO/IEC 27001
The Information Security Management System includes the identification of information resources and identification, assessment, minimization of related security risks, as well as the development, implementation and evaluation of related security measures. Requirements include regular assessment of employee competence and improvement of information security qualification as well.

ISO 9001
The Quality Management System identifies business processes and related risks, as well as plans and implements measures to minimize these risks. Requirements define employee authorities and responsibilities, implements an effective information management system and improves internal communication, planning and work efficiency of the organization. Continuous improvements, cost reduction and efficient use organization’s available resources are being achieved.

ISO 14001
The Environmental Management System provides the opportunity to identify and control negative impact of your activity on the environment, and it also promotes optimization of used resources that contributes to retention of resources and cost reduction. Requirements plan and provide necessary environmental and occupational safety trainings. System provides confidence in the organization's positive attitude towards environment and "green thinking".

ISO 45001
Occupational Health and Safety Management System includes identification and control of work environment risks. Working and moving towards goals becomes safer and with more confidence as employees are provided with a safe and compliant work environment. In addition systematic monitoring system is built to maintain it.

PCI DSS provides compliance with the highest level of requirements for payment card data storage, processing and transmitting in appliance with highest level requirements. Card data is protected from unauthorized access, both physically and virtually, providing a high level of security.

The General Data Protection Regulations of the European Union are very important for ensuring the privacy of personal data in companies. Our advice will help you implement personal data processing management strategies.


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