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Security solution plan

Security Solution Plan


Protect your business from IT downtime, data leakages, network attacks and other possible danger! Comprehensive security solution plan will protect all your business’ IT systems, will allow monitor weak spots and minimize any potential threats and their impact to your company. Ensuring overall IT security is a complex project that consists of various integrated security solutions for all your IT operations.

These are only few questions that we will proceed in order to suggest methods and tools for their improvement if necessary:

  • How is built your IT system? What solutions are used and are they protected?
  • How do you use and control user IT permissions?
  • What connections do you use and do they have basic or advanced protection level?
  • Do you have a backup and recovery plan? Where is it stored?
  • How fast can you recover your IT systems in case of a disaster?
  • Is your business in a risk zone of cyber-attacks?



  • Secure IT Solutions

    Your chosen IT solutions for your data, applications and business processes if not configured correctly can cause system failures, create system breakthrough risks and easy access to your personal data for thieves, as well as make you an easy target for cyber-attacks. Well thought-out IT solutions and network connections for your enterprise will help to protect your data and business.

  • Disaster Recovery Plan

    Disaster recovery plan will let you maintain business continuity, as well as will help you to identify your critical IT needs. DEAC experts will create disaster recovery action plan tailored to your specific business needs.

  • Data & System Backup

    Receive backup plan for your data, applications and systems! Our experts will analyze potential threats and create backup schedule that will protect your business in case of system failures, human errors or cyber-attacks.

  • Secure Connections

    Secure network will ensure efficient connections between your systems and global network. Configured network rules and firewall will protect your system from unauthorized net flows. Our experts will audit your network connections and advice how to optimize them.

  • DDoS Protection & Mitigation

    Protection against malicious network attacks will ensure continuous business operations and high availability. DEAC experts will audit your network connections and detect its vulnerabilities in case of a DDoS attack. We will suggest the most effective and optimal solution for your business.


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