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Cloud-based e-commerce and its major benefits

Cloud-based e-commerce and its major benefits
DEAC | 08.11.2017

E-commerce DEACCloud is one of the most common headlines you can hear from technology news nowadays. More and more companies are switching to cloud-based business solutions like hybrid, public and private cloud IT platforms. E-commerce is one of the industries, where cloud computing solutions are the key element to maintain uninterruptible service and secure online payments' transactions. How to choose reliable cloud provider and what are the main benefits to pay attention?

In order to understand cloud benefits for your e-commerce webpage, we need to identify what is important for e-commerce companies to run their online business. It does not matter whether your company is selling goods, tickets, services, real estate or provides transactions or online casino services – the key goal is to attract customer and satisfy them through achieving efficient business processes. Cloud solutions for your e-commerce site are one of the opportunities to get there.


Uninterruptible processes are vital for any online business. Your purchase platform must be accessible at any time of the day to ensure not only business continuity, but also reliable relations with customers. In the age of digitalization, online webpage and transaction availability 24/7 is a must! Besides we all know how disturbing low speed webpage can be. Your customers will definitely leave not spending their valuable time and not making a purchase if your webpage’s loading time will be much more than they expected. These aspects very clearly mark the need for an appropriate IT platform that is built according to your webpage’s specifications and traffic amount.

Geographical locations of data centers play a big role in cloud availability too. Large e-commerce businesses have customers from all over the world and the webpage should be accessible from anywhere and anytime. This marks how important it is to choose data center operator, which can provide a wide range of network coverage and various data centers' locations. To ensure fast data loading, you should consider using Content Delivery Network (CDN) as well. Its high performance network will balance network traffic improving performance of your content delivery and will provide the distribution of large files, videos and multimedia streaming for your e-commerce across the world.

According to VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure & technologies, cloud availability together with cost reduction and flexible scalability are the main three cloud benefits for enterprises. Furthermore, by moving IT systems more and more to cloud, allocated budget for cloud solutions is expected to increase rapidly.

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Secure & reliable platform

With today’s increased competition in e-commerce and retail sector, choice of a reliable IT platform for efficient business processes becomes essential. By choosing reliable data centers to trust your data and IT platform, you can increase IT security level significantly. Trustworthy data centers ensure high security standards, appropriate environment and cooling, video surveillance, backup, support availability 24/7 and much more other operations and activities for safety and security of your business data and systems.

One of the biggest e-commerce worries is payments' data safety. We live in times, when virtual attacks like cyber-threats, thefts of identity and payment card information happen more often than physical ones. Cyber-attacks raised by 50% during last year. When choosing data center operator, you have to consider if all merchants that store, process or transit cardholder data are PCI compliant. Data center with PCI DSS compliance confirms that card data is protected from unauthorized access, both physically and virtually, making reliable cloud platform for e-commerce companies.

Secure and reliable cloud platform have high rate of uptime as well. Cost of the downtime is measurable in losses you would not want to experience. Tough competition in data center field creates pressure for IT specialists to maintain high uptime and that provides users of cloud computing extra benefits and trust.

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Flexible scalability

Cloud computing has an outstanding impact on effective business operations. Scalability gives the opportunity to adjust cloud platform to fit your business needs. You will only use as much resources as you need to power your website. Moreover, cloud computing solutions allow to upscale fast and easy and downscale IT resources, when required without exposing business to risk. This benefit opens great possibility to change resources in peak periods even if they only have a seasonal or monthly topicality. Cloud scalability ensures variable costs depending on the IT resources you use instead of fixed costs for infrastructure you do not fully need.

Experienced data centers’ specialists and the latest technologies

Using cloud solutions based on data center infrastructure, you get not only opportunity to entrust your business’ IT platform to experts, but also a chance to power your business with the latest technologies from world’s leading manufacturers like VMware, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Juniper, Cisco, DELL EMC, Citrix, IBM and others. Data centers are updating their infrastructure continuously providing you efficient and up-to-date solutions. In addition, professionals adjust cloud resources considering your business’ software, data amount, webpages traffic and other factors. Experienced and certified specialists are capable to ensure cloud computing solutions fit your business needs.

Considering moving to cloud business solutions, it is very important to choose data center that can provide all cloud computing benefits in their highest quality level and ensure reliability. Compliance with recognized certificates, opportunity to customize and adapt IT solutions, the ability to visit the data center (virtually or physically), great availability and performance indicators and secure technologies are the first factors to be taken into account to experience excellent cloud usage for your business and e-commerce webpage.


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