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DEAC expands into Western Europe and North America providing secure, superfast IT outsourcing

DEAC expands into Western Europe and North America providing secure, superfast IT outsourcing
18.11.2014 | Rating

DEAC IT outsourcing in Western Europe and North America

As one of the fastest growing data center operators in Northern Europe, we have launched our expansion beyond current operations and started a move further afield into the UK, US and German markets. Since we began providing services in Northern Europe we have seen our revenue grow by  up to 60% in the last four years. This success has resulted in a re-investment into the organisation as we continue the ambitious plans for growth. 

So far this year DEAC has enlarged its storage and processing capacity to provide our customers with one of, if not the most powerful virtual platforms in Northern Europe. Working a number of multi-national organisations across Europe has resulted in a successful relationship that has enabled the organisation to begin our expansion into Western Europe and the USA.


 We will be sharing some of our experience and expert knowledge later this month speaking at the following events:

  • Gartner Datacentre Summit: 24 -25 November, 2014. London, UK
  • Enterprise Cloud Computing & Virtualisation Conference & Exhibition: 26 November, 2014. London, UK.


We are well aware that in today’s market, IT solutions is the one headache that impacts nearly all businesses across the Globe. Managing in house IT solutions can be time consuming and costly. Outsourcing of data center services can offer major benefits to companies - dependent on partnering with the right company.

Using the skills, expertise and varied services that an IT outsourcer can provide, business can keep their IT solutions up to date with the latest security and data storage. Data center managers can reap the benefits of flexible and dynamic management of computing resources, which in turn reduces IT capital investment to a minimum.



What good is all this flexibility, security and data storage without an uninterrupted super fast Internet connection you might ask? Good question.

This is why, in partnership with Internet backbone provider RETN (a group of companies with the mission to develop an international backbone fibre-optic network of high capacity) our team has created a dedicated route between our optical city ring and RETN’s Pan European Network.

New links enable our team of specialists to reduce the time of delivering VPN services to more than 100 points-of-presence of the RETN network. Now it’s possible to deliver data traffic between the largest datacentres in Europe, North America and South-East Asia, including Ukraine, Baltic States, and other Eastern European countries.

Current available speeds can reach 10 Gbps and over, providing fast and secure access from anywhere in the world. Even if the power goes down, our state of the art datacentres incorporate an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) which would kick in if there was a sudden loss of power, ensuring uninterruptible service.



Our employees are qualified project managers and IT resource management specialists, who constantly improve their profound competency by attending special trainings in Europe, and the USA. DEAC IT experts have got certifications and recognition from such companies as Dell, HP, IBM, Fujitsu, EMC, Juniper, Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, Oracle, APC, Emerson, SDMO, to name but a few. 

We maintain that our primary aim is to ensure financial development of our customers by evaluating their business targets, resources and IT needs. DEAC’s ultimate business goal is to offer an unrivalled quality, secure and speedy service, which in turn makes life easier for businesses by offering them a complete service, managing every single aspect of their IT outsourcing needs.









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