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DEAC launches superfast Riga-Moscow channel

DEAC launches superfast Riga-Moscow channel
DEAC | 12.12.2017

DEAC has replenished its highly redundant network architecture with a newly launched Riga-Moscow direct channel. The new channel reveals many opportunities for mission-critical business processes, remote access applications, backup data centers and for risks diversification processes (disaster recovery plan, backup, etc.). The speed is no longer the issue for some complex and resource intensive IT solutions as it reaches 10 Gbit/s with the superfast responsive connection of 13ms (average latency, milliseconds). Compared to other available channel options, this is by far, the fastest possible of them all. And despite the higher speed and more dense bandwidth, the cost of the channel for our customers is very competitive. Some of our customers are already experiencing the benefits of the faster direct connection.

The new direct connection was set up in order to meet the ever-growing demand for a high-speed Internet connection between Riga and Moscow. Now you can reach Latvian business markets even faster than before, within 13 milliseconds. It is as fast as if the server with the business application or remote desktop you are working with is located next to you, although it is located in another country, some 1000 km from you. Thus, a larger amount of data and business processes can now be allocated further away, leaving the transfer speed intact. This is, of course if your last mile provider supports the full speed capacity. For a fully redundant and efficient connection, several backup channels, through Sweden, Germany and Ukraine are established as well.

Superfast Riga-Moscow channel DEAC

The channel is build using DWDM technology (Dense wavelength division multiplexing). The DWDM technology is widely used for high capacity backbone optical fiber connections. That technology puts data from different sources together on an optical fiber, one of which can transfer simultaneously up to 160 independent information channels, each at a separate wavelength. In other words, it allows transferring simultaneously larger amount of different data at higher speeds than other popular connections.

The newly established low latency channel is an essential and valuable supplement to DEAC’s expanded network infrastructure, which allows using high-speed, efficient and secure connections throughout Europe, Ukraine and Belarus.

So, if the timing is everything to your business, contact our experts, that will build a tailor made high-speed data network of required complexity for your business.


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