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Free Setup on Dedicated Servers - No Hidden Costs

Free Setup on Dedicated Servers - No Hidden Costs
DEAC | 07.04.2016

Free Setup on Dedicated Servers DEAC

Considering a dedicated server rental?

You need to pay attention to hidden costs, which can increase overall sum of your budget significantly. Among such costs, there are server setup fees, selection of operating system, firewall options, NIC specifications and SLA conditions. When choosing a low budget solution, you have to take in account that later you will be paying more as the offer does not include technical support expenses or SLA, e.g., response time does not meet your needs. In addition, we suggest considering minimal contract terms and conditions for termination of the agreement, as well as set up terms can possibly differ depending on the cost. Many providers offer limited bandwidth, metered traffic and calculate your costs according to the volume of your internet traffic, which is hard to predict. Nevertheless, companies gradually start to refuse from such practice; however, many providers still track your traffic.

Analyzing the market situation, we can say that many providers hide setup cost under monthly payments or do not state service price at all expecting your call or written request. In fact, on 31 March 2016 setup fee variated from EUR 38 (Stackdata) up to EUR 300 (Hetzner) depending on server. Such expenses, of course, make the cost of provided services opaque.

Investigating this problem, now we offer dedicated server rental with free setup. You can find a suitable configuration to benefit from the same day setup or choose from the ready-to-use equipment via in stock server calculator. However, if you require an individual solution, our experts will process your application and prepare server configuration according to your individual needs

It is time to act! This is surely a win-win solution, as you will have following benefits:

Free Setup on Dedicated Servers DEAC

Use your server in an hour after the payment. Focus on your business core activities and do not waste your time running IT operations.

Free Setup on Dedicated Servers DEAC

You will save up your resources, as you will be paying less for server rental and network equipment, for technical personnel and for maintaining uninterrupted business processes. Your monthly bills will be predictable and with no hidden costs.

Free Setup on Dedicated Servers DEAC

Stored in reliable data centers across Europe your data will be secure. All dedicated servers may be equipped with redundant system components to ensure equipment is running even if primary resources fall.

Free Setup on Dedicated Servers DEAC

Full root access provides you with control over the processes. Guaranteed network uptime is not less than 99.95%. Dedicated servers are connected with 10Gbit premium Cisco network to ensure the lowest latency.

Free Setup on Dedicated Servers DEAC

A wide range of servers allows offering suitable solution within the framework of any budget or customizing server according to individual needs of the business in the most convenient European data center for you. 

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