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How is the 4th industrial revolution affecting business?

How is the 4th industrial revolution affecting business?
DEAC | 19.06.2017

In the history of humanity, we can mark four turning points in manufacturing processes: steam engines in the late 18th century, large-scale manufacturing production process and raise of factory system (1870s), then – the internet and computing revolution that improved the speed of communication and productivity (1960s). What does our future look like now? Along with the latest technology discoveries – drones, robots, artificial intelligence (AI), self-driving cars, increasingly connected physical and computational elements are collaborating through the internet and network and create Cyberphysical systems. Systems work autonomously in the real-time environment using internet and networks, and can replace human resources.

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This new system is a backbone of the fourth industrial revolution. It has given a potential of raise to a new generation of industrial systems such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.

With the increasing of digitalization and interconnection of products, businesses can now scale, structure and analyze their data in seconds. The most complicated part in whole process is to measure and clear definition of the collection data value and tailor it for the specific business context.

The future is not far from the science fiction we used to see in movies. Today the most emerging solution for fast and convenient work with Big Data is cloud, which supports almost every business in one or other way. Cloud can combine storage facilities, software and sensor systems in a smart environment, allowing not only to collect and process big data, but also manage and adapt data according to customer’s needs, consolidating various spheres of the company's activity.

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Private, public, hybrid clouds and other cloud technologies open up wide capabilities for construction and real estate development industries that allows business to carry out accurate calculations of necessary infrastructure and extends project visibility. There are obvious advantages in using cloud solutions – precise information in construction-specific business allows to reduce risks and increase project’s commercial success.

Service-oriented solutions, based on Big Data solution and located in the cloud, are offering new challenges and opportunities to online businesses. For example, online retail store can follow and control its marketing processes (track audience activity, create new projects or evaluate the relevance of existing ones) as well as analyze customers behavior (loyalty programs, identify trends in purchasing), optimize expenditures and delivery costs, compare prices and update price policy.

If you do not hold a corporation or multimillion-dollar company with large budget on business development and potential to provide total security and in-house infrastructure (or even own data center) along with team of experts, it is more expedient to outsource non-profile data processing, storage and supervision operations. Key advantages of outsourcing do not only include reduction of capital investments and optimizing operational costs - human touch also plays the significant role. Professional company with profound experience, certified team of experts and full package of services will develop an individual approach to solve customer’s problems and will treat every aspect of your business as their own.


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