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How to Benefit from Digital Transformation

How to Benefit from Digital Transformation
DEAC staff | 21.07.2022

Most business operations nowadays are supported by digital services.

Data loss and system faults can significantly affect your business.

That is why digital transformation is so vital in today's digital age.

You can save money, invest in digital solutions and digitize as many aspects of your company as possible during economic instability.

Digital transformation is what will help you survive the recession.

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When you're in business, there's only one way to survive a recession: by being more efficient with your investments and resources.

And that means digital transformation.

Now is the time to start thinking about using technology to improve efficiency and save money.

Main Benefits of Digital Transformation

Here are three ways that digitalization can help you during this period of economic hardship:

  1. Cloud-based services are easy to deploy, so they can be quickly deployed and are more flexible regarding customer needs.
  2. Backup systems will help protect your business from data loss or theft when something goes wrong with your computer system or network.
  3. During a crisis, differentiate yourself from your competitors by investing in backup systems and cloud-based services that meet the needs of all customers—not just a select few—and ensuring that all staff members know how to access these resources when needed!

Cloud-based Services

Cloud computing can be rapidly implemented and is more adaptable to meeting the varied requirements of individual users. The virtual platform provides ready-to-use unlimited resources without any physical equipment and maintenance investments with fewer upfront investments.

Choose a cloud computing type - public, private, or hybrid cloud, or ask our experts' help, and we will create the cloud according to your data and software types, business availability, confidentiality, and planned future development requirements.

Backup Systems

Data backup allows you to backup and restores data even for your specific software. Your data will be quickly restored from previous backups that you can adjust according to your needs ensuring your business' high availability.

Use business specialized data backup service (BaaS) to benefit from a fast, easy, reliable, and flexible solution for remote and secure data storage in the DEAC cloud, deployed in reliable and certified data centers across Europe.

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With digital transformation and the ability to use technology in more innovative ways, IT departments have been able to help businesses optimize operations and reduce costs while gaining a competitive edge.

We know that when times are tough, and every penny counts. That's why we offer services like remote access, virtualization, and data backup at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

You don't have to sacrifice quality or efficiency for your digital transformation, contact us, we are here to help you.


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