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Keep your remote work safe’n’sound

Keep your remote work safe’n’sound
DEAC | 28.09.2017

Remote work with information and programs on your personal computer, smartphone or tablet is becoming more popular and available. Emerging technologies are no longer a barrier to keep your work up-to-date at any time, any place. The only question remains open – are you ready to be available 24/7?

Virtual desktop solution has multiple variations and models, which require only internet connection to start working. Your computer or any other device is used as an entry point to your virtual workplace, located in secure cloud at data center of your choice.

Once your business goals are to reduce investments on hardware and computers, increase data security, reduce the monthly payment for services and to provide your employees with a comfortable, safe-working environment and mobility, DaaS or Desktop as a Service will be a logical choice among the list of other remote solutions.

VDI Virtual desktop DEAC

What is DaaS?

DaaS solution is a virtual desktop with the predefined set of necessary programs and technical configurations for a current user, deployed on a provider’s cloud platform. It is a comprehensive solution to get ready-to-use office software with full functionality. The platform differs from other solutions with high fault tolerance and security thanks to the data center in which the service is deployed. This means that the data will always be at your fingertips, and even if you accidentally empty your recycle bin, information can always be recovered. Moreover, in the case of computer burglary or any technical malfunction, you physically lose only the "hardware", which you might have wanted to change anyway. Your entire remote desktop remains in a protected cloud.

VDI in the cloud

The company of any size and budget can obtain DaaS cloud environment. If your business struggles with serious issues to improve productivity, grant employees with immediate access to files and data, or save money on the next software update, virtual desktop brings ease of doing your work remotely from any place without any capital investments.

The concept of VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure helps users to achieve long-term business savings and simplify the maintenance of IT infrastructure, while delivering full security and adjustable resources on demand. VDI is the most common solution on the DaaS platform and is widely recognized by its simple and adaptable environment. Each user is allocated on the separate virtual server with preferred dedicated settings (OS, apps, disk space, CPU, storage, network) providing user with dynamic workplace framework. Deployment of standard and predefined VDI can take only 2-3 hours, it’s centralized management and ability to enable maximum mobility for staff who work remotely, as well as a large selection of configurations makes it ultimately tailored for any business requirement. All you need to get started is a computer, a mouse and a keyboard. VDI addresses performance degradation and is suitable for a large-scale work, for example, with BIM AutoCAD and Building Design Suite design programs or heavy SQL databases, since it does not require a high-speed Internet connection - during your work, data is automatically compressed and therefore quickly transmitted over the network.

Thin Client is an additional infrastructure for centralized access to server, which ensures secure data exchange between the server and a client and allows cutting operational costs and minimizing capital investments. This small book's size device removes the need of additional OS or software on your PC, while providing you with secure and fast remote connection to your virtualized office environment from any place.

Виртуальный рабочий стол DEAC

Terminal Server

If you are looking for a simple, fast and cost saving solution with a certain resource capacity, then the terminal server will be an excellent alternative to virtualization. Several users are simultaneously connected to the terminal server, sharing the total amount of server resources. Depending on business requirements, solution can be deployed on a dedicated server or a virtual server (VDS/VPS). Virtual platform is also equipped with the necessary licensed software and applications for remote access; the user only needs to install an RDP on his device or switch PC to the thin client. Centralized administration and local deployment of all users simplifies the overall work, enabling seamless and more efficient use of all allocated server resources. The downside of the terminal server is the possibility of failure of the entire server, even due to one error, stopping the work of all users simultaneously, which sometimes leads to downtime and even data loss. To significantly reduce the risk of data loss and quickly restore information, many companies choose data backup as an additional service.

5 advantages of remote workspace

  1. To maintain the efficiency and productivity of the team, you do not have to increase budget on IT equipment and purchase licensed programs.
  2. Always available computing power for any program, the ability to increase the amount of processed data instantly.
  3. Save on setup and maintenance of IT infrastructure. Get rid of unnecessary worries from your shoulders and pay more attention to the main tasks of your business instead of solving technical problems.
  4. Mobility and efficiency of the team - even when on business trips you and your colleagues can always have access to any file or email.
  5. The security of the solution is included in the package by default, and you can always increase the level of your protection by choosing additional services.

P.S. Why should I look for an individual solution?

Cloud computing has unlimited capabilities and access to a common pool of IT resources, and often non-standard, cloud-based business configurations contribute to a more reliable and safe work. Moreover, the remote desktop based on the private cloud allows you to quickly adapt business for various requirements, for instance, the growing demand for online services, workflow digitalization, data migration, spontaneous data growth, the principle of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or IT solution optimization, reduction of costs for IT equipment and software licenses.


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