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Backbone provider RETN and European data center operator DEAC 
has launched interconnection

Backbone provider RETN and European data center operator DEAC 
has launched interconnection
11.10.2012 | Rating

European data center operator DEAC and backbone provider RETN have set up a dedicated route between DEAC optical city ring and RETN’s pan European network. New links allows to reduce the time of delivering VPN services to more than 100 points-of-presence of RETN network. Now it’s possible to deliver data traffic between largest data centres in Europe, North America and South-East Asia, including Ukraine, Baltic States and other East European countries. The link was set up in Riga, at LVRTC platform communication node, current available bandwidth is 10 Gbps.

«As known - attractiveness and availability of backbone network is determined as the quantity and quality of the partner’s networks. So, cooperation with European data centers DEAC very interesting for us.

In turn, RETN's benefits such as quick response to changing customer needs, while maintaining a reasonable price for services in any country where we operate has became available for DEAC customers. All of this is achieved through technological homogeneity of the network infrastructure with a single commercial policy in all the companies within the RETN group of companies», - says commercial director of RetnNet Vladimir Taran.

«With rapid growth of complex enterprise-level projects based on DEAC European data centers infrastructure, it is very important for the customer to have reliable high-speed channels between offices in DEAC data centers in Riga and DEAC points-of-presence in other European cities. By providing L2 VPN dedicated channels DEAC can guarantee their customers uninterruptible access to the data with guaranteed speed and minimum possible access delay, which is really important while working via “thin client” model with private corporate clouds. Gateway node 10G realization allows us bring into operation customers communications channels in the shortest time. We will continue to develop such cooperation models with main line operators for further connectivity improvement of our network infrastructure”, says DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis.



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