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DEAC and DLC developed a reliable business continuity solution

DEAC and DLC developed a reliable business continuity solution
DEAC | 17.04.2021

Data center operator DEAC, in cooperation with the Lithuanian company Data Logistics Center (DLC), pooled their resources and created a disaster recovery solution for enterprises, based on two data centers in Riga (Latvia) and Vilnius (Lithuania).

Business continuity solution DEAC

Now DEAC provides its customers with the opportunity to choose the main and backup data center infrastructure location either in Riga or Vilnius. This solution allows businesses to continue their operation even in case of an incident.

“The geographic location of two Baltic countries expands the possibilities of data storage and backups in reliable and independent data centers,” comments Andris Gailitis, CEO of DEAC.

“It is difficult to foresee the impact of information systems’ failures and recovery times for a company's operations and profits. Therefore, we are taking steps to prevent potential data loss,” adds Darius Zailskas, CEO of DLC.

In 2020 both companies were acquired by the Swiss infrastructure investment fund managed by Quaero Capital to strengthen resources and accelerate their development.

Riga is already a beneficial location for foreign companies as an outsourcing center, back office for data or consolidation of IT functions. Likewise Vilnius is now also a reliable location. Combining the resources of the Latvian and Lithuanian companies allows to provide even more secure business continuity solutions.

For any business sphere it is important to continue processes despite natural disasters, cyberattacks, internal disruptions, unfair actions of competitors and quickly recover their work, not losing any critical data. For this reason, the main data storage and processing systems are being replicated at a geographically remote site – on a physical equipment or through cloud providers.

Disaster recovery principles imply deployment of a redundant IT infrastructure in a geographically remote data center. Up-to-date solutions for the implementation of a disaster recovery plan (Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service, DRaaS) ensure high level of business continuity.

DEAC and DLC data centers comply with the highest security standards and provide efficient network connections with secure encryption.

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About DEAC

DEAC is one of the largest independent data center operators in Northern Europe. The company owns two data centers in Riga (Latvia), and also has sites and cloud infrastructure in Kiev, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Stockholm and Vilnius. Years of experience developing and implementing a wide range of secure IT services allows DEAC to create individual solutions for industries’ specifics and business goals of customers from more than 40 countries.

About DLC

DLC (Data Logistics Center) is one of the largest data center and communications operators in the Baltics. The company owns two data centers in Vilnius (Lithuania), and also operates a backbone network with transmission speed of up to 9.6 TB/s together with partners from Tallinn to Frankfurt.