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DEAC data centers became mirrors’ provider for SourceForge community

DEAC data centers became mirrors’ provider for SourceForge community
DEAC | 10.09.2020

The setup of DEAC mirrors for Sourceforge in Riga, Amsterdam and Frankfurt nodes have been completed this summer. The mirror in Latvia was adjusted to accept traffic from the East Europe region, starting in Germany and eastward. Mirrors currently host SourceForge top popularity tier of download data and are handling traffic very well. 

SourceForge were looking for additional mirror partners in Europe and contacted DEAC, European data centers providers’ CEO Andris Gailitis for cooperation opportunities. DEAC viewed hosting a SourceForge mirrored site at their location positive as hosting mirrors is a way to support SourceForge.net and the Open Source global community, and with the geographic distribution of the servers, provide faster downloads to local users. Having spare servers’ capacity DEAC completed first setup in its own data center in Riga, and then additional mirrors followed in Amsterdam and Frankfurt POP locations.

SourceForge mirrors provided by DEAC

“As mirrors providers we are responsible for reliable hardware and hosting, and provide bandwidth for keeping the mirror in-sync and for users to download from the mirror, as well as ongoing commitment for maintenance,” comments DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis. Upon signing of mirrors’ agreement DEAC also guarantees availability, physical security, log data handling, redundancy and network performance. SourceForge provides oversight of the mirror sync process and sends traffic to the mirror.

SourceForge.net maintains a mirror network with locations around the world. The SourceForge.net mirror network is used to offload Open Source software download activity from the SourceForge.net servers. SourceForge is one of the top 500 busiest sites on the Web serving over 32 million viewers each month. With the tools that SourceForge provide, developers create powerful software in over 502 000 projects, hosting millions of registered users.

DEAC is one of the largest carrier-neutral data center operators in Northern Europe with long-term experience in the field, providing secure facility and solutions to customers from over 40 countries. Since 1999, DEAC aims to provide complete data center services and individual IT solutions. DEAC offers a wide range of customized IT solutions that ensure business protection and optimal cost reduction by analyzing business needs in accordance with company’s strategy and its business objectives.