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DEAC drives server clusters accross Europe

DEAC drives server clusters accross Europe
DEAC | 17.07.2015

European data center operator DEAC has launched a Server Clusters solution, which best suits high-loaded IT projects. Testing of software, high-loaded applications, start-up projects, high performance calculations, load balancing for data and much more are now available on DEAC-preinstalled clusters of hundreds of servers. Powerful computing resources based on DEAC’s converged infrastructure and redundant network connectivity across Europe are available up to some days depending on the business’ requirements.

DEAC Server Clusters

For businesses that cannot afford any unplanned downtime, DEAC provides server clustering across several data centers at different locations across Europe, protecting the workload with geographical clustering as well. The solution protects against regional disaster effects and ensures business continuity in case of complete failure of a data center. Multiple data center locations also provide better service to end-users as the closest geographical data center can be used to connect DEAC data centers in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Riga.

The size and the location of the cluster, as well as appropriate server and network equipment, depend on specific company objectives. If required, the cluster’s size and geographical location can be changed quickly and easily, while access to the cluster is possible from any place worldwide as long as access to the Internet is available.

Depending on the customer's specific needs, it is possible to develop different cluster types: High Availability cluster (HA), Load Balancing cluster and High Performance Computing cluster (HPC). The solution is perfectly suited to organize the continuous and balanced operation of corporate databases, social portals and e-commerce websites, online games and front-end IP-based applications, where virtually uninterrupted service is required.

Cluster architecture uses technologies that synchronize the data between two and up to several hundred servers in real time. Servers automatically detect if the other becomes unavailable because of failure or maintenance and takes over the services of the failed server without requiring administrative intervention, providing customers with a predictable scenario of disaster recovery. The Solution simplifies the administration of the cluster and requires much less maintenance. Also, clustering capabilities based on Linux web services provide powerful parallel processing and enterprise-class high availability at a relatively low cost.

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