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DEAC expands the cloud platform with a virtual data center in Frankfurt

DEAC expands the cloud platform with a virtual data center in Frankfurt
DEAC | 26.02.2018

Private data centers operator DEAC, unites Europe in a joint virtual network and launches a cloud data center in Frankfurt. Customers now can benefit from a geographically more extensive coverage that ensures fast data exchange, a wide selection of data transmission channels with integrated data encryption as an option and professional technical support. 

Combined with the virtual data center launched in Moscow in January, 2018 that connects Latvia with the fastest available data transmission channel “Riga-Moscow” (10 Gbit/s and average delay – only 13 milliseconds), the cloud in Frankfurt will serve as a secure and reliable bridge to Western Europe. 

Virtual data center in Frankfurt, DEAC
High performance storage systems and virtualization based on the VMware vCloud Suite® architecture allow fast and easy capacity adjustment and ensure the necessary data security level, as well as a transmission speed that can be customized according to the client’s business needs. At the same time, the benefits of vCloud solution are not limited to the speed, but also include a high security level and considerably lower operational costs.

A virtual environment extended and united on an international level allows the business to secure almost infinite resources and shorten the amount of time necessary to provide service for customers without capital investment. The vCloud-based virtualization platform is a beneficial solution to manage performance and reliability of the business. 

"Today, the principal questions in the cloud market have shifted to particular technical tasks of entrepreneurship," says Andris Gailitis, DEAC CEO. "IT solutions are necessary for business here and now, and not after a month. Private cloud, which corresponds to both business needs and the state requirements towards personal data storage, as well as works effectively in Europe, is one of the most popular DEAC services among customers. Daily work from any place in the world and effective data center services ensure continuity of business on a cross-border basis."


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