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DEAC interview at the conference "Russian CIO Summit – 2010”: 100% data security in the DEAC is real and necessary

DEAC interview at the conference "Russian CIO Summit – 2010”: 100% data security in the DEAC is real and necessary

In the age of information secure business data distribution and storage is a strategically important task for any company. And if earlier we could only dream of reliable protection, due to the low level of available technologies, at present modern technologies allow to guarantee almost 100% protection. According to statistics, every eighth businessman gain losses due to downtime resulting from unrecoverable loss of data or confidential information. The reasons for this may be different - many technical problems, human errors, theft and arrests, as well as other situations against no company are insured.

Andris Gailītis DEAC

Now imagine that you can protect yourself from all these problems, while minimizing your IT costs. "Today it is possible and what is more - it is very important, taking into consideration all possible force -majeure that daily are happening with the enterprises. The mean of solving all the above mentioned problems is the use of European data centers’ services, which provides our company," says DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis.

- In today's business circumstances, perhaps the primarily interest is how to achieve such a high degree of data protection?

- Firstly, it is geographical issue, which can provide diversification of most of the administrative and technical risks. We advise our clients to build their IT infrastructure so that primary and backup data are stored in at least 2 different locations, one of which must necessarily be in the European Union. Our experts also recommend companies to provide additional opportunity to backup data to the third point. The second issue is a reliable data center, where the main role plays thoughtful data center infrastructure, that is, competent rack and cooling systems collocation, along with such key factors as a centralized uninterruptible power supply, a set of diesel generators, as well as highly qualified staff, providing support around the clock, 365 days a year.

- What additional features data centers located in Europe provide?

- Working with our Russian customers we always accent the geographical factor, suggesting physical storage of main or backup data outside Russian Federation, that is, in the EU. That ensures also non-stop access to high speed direct encrypted channels in Russia, Ukraine and Europe.

The Russian business has very tough and sometimes cruel rules of the game, which can lead to appropriate consequences. We have solutions for all possible scenarios of different force majeure - the leakage of confidential information to failures due to extreme weather conditions (such as heat this year), from industrial espionage to the raiders and responsibility to higher authorities. All heads understand this and therefore we do not have to provide long explanations on how relevant are our services. As we usually say - the company DEAC is medicine not only against the headache, but also the claustrophobia.

- Can the optimization of IT infrastructure lead to the minimization of costs?

- Certainly. The main task of optimization, which conducts DEAC, is to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability of data. It should be noted that after conducted works the company can not only secure the continuity of business processes, but also significantly reduce their IT costs. Thus some of our customers within 3-5 years managed to reduce their IT costs up to 40%.

- What are the advantages of underground data center that DEAC owns?

- Two modern equipped data centers are at DEAC customers’ disposal, those total area is 1000 m2 – that is 330 server racks, whose number in 2012 will be doubled. In the equipment of our data centers currently has invested about 5 million EUR, and investments in the next two years will be from 7 to 10 million euros. Our underground data center is unique in its kind in Eastern Europe, located 9 meters above sea level, but at the same time 12 meters below ground, providing the highest to date protection.

- Share your successes and future plans.

- Despite the fact that in the Russian market we are recently, the company DEAC is already known, and it is especially nice. At the moment we are working with more than 50 customers from Russian medium and large businesses in coordination of pilot projects on the placement and storage of data on the basis of our data centers. We are actively developing and trying to keep up with the time, investing in our data centers and tracking the latest trends in the IT field.

The guarantee of our services quality is DEAC visit card that also reflects our long-term relationships with clients, including leading European banks, major Internet resources and the companies from key economic sectors. Our success - it's prosperity of our clients, which is achieved by thoughtful choice of data collocation and storage place as well as a reasonable investment and optimization.

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Company DEAC - European operator of data centers, the company is orientated to provide data center services and IT outsourcing on Eurasia scale.

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