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DEAC launches cloud platform in Moscow

DEAC launches cloud platform in Moscow
DEAC | 31.01.2018

European data center operator DEAC, a premier provider of reliable and secure private data center services across the Europe. DEAC cloud now provides a direct access to cost-effective environment, with robust and low-latency network interconnecting Moscow and Europe’s strategical locations.

Moscow is a major market and a key strategic digital bridge between the Europe and Asia. The new virtual data center also enables European business applications to be hosted much closer to users in the region, eliminating the need to send business data thousands of kilometers back and forth for processing. DEAC cloud is offering both public and private cloud services built straight into wide expanded 10 Gbit/s network, offering market leading low latency connections in Europe.

Virtual platform in Moscow, DEAC

The growing demand for secure hosting combined with an increase in data breaches, security and compliance as well as reliable backup (BaaS) and disaster recovery (DRaaS) strategies are becoming a top priority for businesses. With cloud launch, DEAC expands unlimited scalability cloud hosting, that allows customers to ensure business continuity and cloud security with data backup in multiple locations or expanded disaster recovery or replication solutions.

Virtual data center in Moscow is housed in world-class Tier III facility, so customers can run their data and applications locally to meet the performance and regulatory needs for both local data security laws, storing primary copies in the local cloud and European laws by processing and storing data reside in a specific European location. A choice of local or European Internet connection options as well as local or regional IP addresses gives enterprises the flexibility and scale to run their most complex workloads when and where they need. With services deployed on demand and experienced local stuff available 24/7, customers can easily create their ideal public or private cloud environments.

DEAC cloud platform is built on VMware vCloud Suite® virtualization platform, a familiar cloud solution for many businesses, to empower customers to securely and quickly adapt their virtual services at the speed of business. In addition to speed, the cloud provides increased security and significant lower running costs. Cloud platform provides powerful management and transparent visibility across billing, performance, security, compliance, testing and reporting from a single point.


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