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DEAC offers powerful and cost-efficient virtual server solutions

DEAC offers powerful and cost-efficient virtual server solutions

The virtual server technology allows distributing the resources of a physical server in several virtual servers, which are separated with aid of special software, thus preventing access of one virtual server users to another virtual server. In its essence, the virtual server services is an economically beneficial way for the clients to ensure a server placed at the data centre, being maintained at the highest standards of data centre infrastructure, at a price, which is by several times lower than rental of a separate physical server and placement at the data centre.

“The virtual server is excellently suitable for allocation of internet portals, databases, short-term IT projects, and software tests. Furthermore, unlike the distributed servers, in case if necessary, parameter exchange can be quickly implemented for the virtual servers in accordance with the client needs,” explains DEAC CEO, Andris Gailitis.

“The DEAC virtual server solutions ensure stable operations, furthermore, the technical parameters are similar to the distributed server parameters and guarantee fine performance. By combining the low price and high performance, the virtual server solutions constitute an excellent option for small and medium-sized enterprises, which use applications that do not completely charge all of the physical server resources,” A. Gailitis adds.

Within the framework of infrastructure update of the data centre “Grizinkalns”, DEAC has acquired several high-capacity physical servers DELL PowerEdge 2950, on which the virtual server solutions are based upon. Owing to this update, the performance of the DEAC virtual server solutions at the moment is approximated to the maximum with the distributed server capacities.

“The recently acquired servers DELL PowerEdge 2950, which are equipped with two four-core processors, main storage of 32 GB to 64 GB, and high-speed (15000rpm) SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) technology hard-drives, allow us to create varying performance virtual servers with RAM within the range of 256 MB to 4 GB and hard-drive space from 10 GB up to 80 GB,” informs the director of DEAC technical exploitation department Edgars Lukss.

“Moreover, improvement of the virtual server performance allows us to offer them to the clients at very attractive prices,” continues E. Lukss

“It can be affirmed that out of all server solutions currently offered in Latvia, the DEAC solution is one of the best-balanced by means of performance and pricing, which enables the clients to choose the virtual server solution best serving their needs, economically most beneficial, and most powerful,” tells A. Gailitis.

“In future, we are planning to continue intensive modernization of our data centre infrastructure, in order to develop services that are economically ever more beneficial for our clients and to help diminishing the IT costs by use of IT outsourcing,” continues A. Gailitis.

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About DEAC:
DEAC is the largest data center operator in the Baltics and an IT outsourcing company with 10 years experience and highly qualified personnel. Business ir orientated to provide data center services and IT outsourcing on Eurasia scale.   Owns two carrier-neutral data centers in Riga, Latvia. Total server area 1000 sq.m. Data centers are equipped with TIER I/II/III/IV infrastructure, duplicated power supply sources, APC UPS systems, SDMO diesel generators, Emerson Network Power climate-control systems, FM200 gas fire suppression systems, optical 10 Gbit/s lines from 5 different providers, server systems and network monitoring service. Connections with AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, MSK-IX.

DEAC offers a full range of integrated IT solutions and to almost 2000 customers from 20 countries of the world, among them – Spanish telecommunication operator „Telefonica”, „Danske Bank”, „Unicredit bank”, „Latvijas Bank”, „Rietumu Bank”, “Elko Group” „DEPO DIY”, “Microsoft Latvia”, “Philips Baltic”, „TV3 Latvija”, and others.
DEAC is the developer of a popular Latvian school management system e-klase.
DEAC is an official distributor of DELL in Latvia and an official partner of „Microsoft”, „APC” „VMware”, „EMC” and „Synterra”.
More about data center operator DEAC –

Oleg Naskidayev – Head of Marketing and Development Department
E- mail:
[email protected]
Telephone: +371 6707 2100,
Mobile: +371 29170 284


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