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DEAC participation at the large IT events “CNews Forum 2010” and “Info Security 2010” in November as a leading I

DEAC participation at the large IT events “CNews Forum 2010” and “Info Security 2010” in November as a leading I

On November, 2010 head of marketing and development department, DEAC Olegs Naskidajevs went on another business visit to the metropolis Moscow. The purpose was to meet potential customers and to participate in two large very large IT events with more than 5000 participants.

At first event DEAC appeared on 10th November as a sponsor of annual forum “CNews FORUM 2010: Information technologies tomorrow” that attracted more than 1000 IT specialists. Some of the issues discussed at the forum are changes in tendencies of ICT development and new vectors and most perspective directions of IT industry for next year. Participants were presented with 5 sections: Public Sector, Banking, Safety, Open Source software and Cloud Computing Technology.  Participants also could attend the plenary session with the deputy minister of communication and mass communications Ilya Massuha, as well as the hall with stands of IT companies, where the forum participants had an opportunity to discuss IT security issues, to learn about new IT solutions and to look over the optimization methods of IT costs.

DEAC representative appeared as the expert in section “Cloud computing” with the report “DEAC European data centers on-demand” and announced the first steps undertaken in introducing cloud computing in an hour based on its network of data centers in European Union territory. Today, DEAC European data center operator which provides data center services and IT outsourcing is one of leading specialists on server solutions virtualization and cloud computing technologies, which according to Gartner analysts became a major priority in 2010 for large enterprises that are in constant searching for effective strategies to reduce costs as well as for ways how to build cost-effective IT infrastructure.

Olegs Naskidajevs also gave video interview and answered CNews questions on major today’s data center market trends, the priorities of customers and their expectations from a modern data center, and also highlighted the advantages of European data centers on-demand – http://www.cnews.ru/ - read more.

Additional information about CNews FORUM 2010:
DEAC’s final event in 2010 was its participation as an expert in largest IT event for information security “VII International exhibition InfoSecurity. StorageExpo. Documation -2010”. This took place from 17-19 November. Most advanced solutions on information security, data storage and processing, document circulation and personal data protection submitted 104 organizations, 4,019 executives and professionals attended 153 business program events and 386 presentations of customers, regulators, suppliers and professional associations. Exhibitors - and foreign software developers, manufacturers and suppliers of services and solutions on information security (including personal data), data storage and processing (including protective environment), and the introduction of electronic document circulation (including the state and local authorities), which on their stands, seminars and presentations represented the projects that were implemented in and worldwide as well as new technologies that enable customers to improve ROI and to reduce TCO.

DEAC representative appeared on the first event day at round table discussion “What kind of strategy to choose – built own data center or to rent?” in the hall “Strategy” as an expert with the report “DEAC European data centers – data safety and cost optimization” and shared with the audience European data center operator DEAC experience, in Europe and the CIS countries. DEAC pointed out the main aspects that CEOs and company management should draw its attention in deciding whether to build own data center or rent from ready-for-use service provider. Olegs Naskidajevs pointed out there isn’t and never will be single answer to whether is better to rent or build your own data center - it all depends on the priorities and IT strategy of specific company for the next 5 years. Major trends show that most companies in the world choose date center rental.

DEAC participation at the CNews Forum 2010

Foto: СNews

DEAC participation at the CNews Forum 2010

Foto: Oleg Naskidajevs with presentation "European DEAC data centers on-demand"

DEAC participation at the CNews Forum 2010

Foto: CNews

DEAC participation at the CNews Forum 2010

Foto: Olegs Naskidajevs interview

DEAC participation at the CNews Forum 2010

Foto: InfoSecurity

DEAC participation at the CNews Forum 2010


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