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DEAC powerful large-scale storage solutions: a new level of security

DEAC powerful large-scale storage solutions: a new level of security

European data center operator “DEAC” continues to implement current and effective cloud computing technology in the Baltics. The next step in implementing these technologies is by providing large-scale (over 50terrabytes (TB) for business of Europe and Asia. The new data storage solution is based on platform of world leader in data storage equipment manufacturing - EMC, and is available within one hour. According to global analysts warnings, during the next few years the amount of data will increase rapidly and significantly.

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European data center operator DEAC continues to invest in today’s largest and powerful data center infrastructure in the Baltics. The latest innovation is a modern storage system for business and state needs. Finally, large data storage capacity of tens of terabytes (TB) is available in 1 hour also in Baltics. "The new solution exceeds over 50 TB and is based on the platform of EMC, world leader in data storage equipment manufacturing. Data exchange via the Fibre Channel interfaces with data exchange rate of several Gbit / s. As a result new solution can be characterized by three main indicators: speed, safety, amount," says DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis, adding that this is the next step towards implementation of cloud computing technology into infrastructure of DEAC data center. According to market researches DEAC virtualization platform is the strongest compared with other data center services in the Baltics.

Cloud computing technology provides an opportunity to rent IT solutions through the secure Internet channel, which are supported by high-level certified team of professionals, available 24/7. "Today to construct and maintain own work environment with computers, software and IT staff are very costly, inefficient and unsafe. IT industry analysts predict that in the next few years, the business data will grow up to 500%. This means that the cost of IT infrastructure maintenance and supporting will also grow. Using the remote data storage of the "cloud", the costs can be reduced by up to 40%," benefits of virtual work environment explain DEAC CEO A. Gailitis.

Researches of various IT industry analysts show that even the data storage capacity of large companies is very small. In most cases they are not ready to respond quickly to data growth, adjusting all the technical specifications to the new requirements. "Decades ago companies were able to toy with the servers. Today one should think about complex data storage solutions that, first, are safe, seconf, flexible to respond quickly to the increasing amount of data, third, at adequate price. Data center services is also helping to save on electricity, which today is a very important factor," says A. Gailitis, noting that today one of the most effective solutions is data storage in "clouds".

One of the most important trends in IT field during next five-year is the growing amount of data. "The Economist" says, that in 2005 the whole world was created 150 exabytes of data, while in 2010 - 1200 exabytes (1 exabyte is 1 billion gigabytes, or half a trillion of MP3 file). Cisco predicts that by 2013 the data flow through the Internet will be 667 exabytes (for comparison - Google annually processed 8 exabytes information). "It’s interesting, that even a few years ago we were talking about gigabytes and it seemed like a lot, but nowadays households purchase several terabytes large hard drives, while data centers are talking about exabytes, zettabytes and yottabytes. This in turn means that data centers should be prepared to provide an infrastructure capable of maintaining such large-scale solutions and DEAC is one of them," says A. Gailitis. "Today, companies want the money they invest in IT solutions, starts pay for itself as soon as possible. What if after just one hour? DEAC data storage solutions are successful business investment in safety, because we are able to guarantee a high level of risk diversification and offer to create backup data center. In addition, high-level data storage solutions are now available just from a few hundreds EUR per month," says A. Gailitis.

About DEAC:

DEAC is European data centers operator and an IT outsourcing company with 10 years’ experience and highly qualified personnel. Business is orientated to provide data center services and IT outsourcing on Eurasia scale. It owns two carrier-neutral data centers in Riga, Latvia. Total server area 1000 sq.m. Data centers are equipped with TIER I/II/III/IV infrastructure, duplicated power supply sources, APC UPS systems, SDMO diesel generators, Emerson Network Power climate-control systems, FM200 gas fire suppression systems, optical 10 Gbit/s lines from 5 different providers, server systems and network monitoring service. Connections with AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, MSK-IX.

DEAC offers a full range of integrated IT solutions and to almost 2000 customers from 20 countries of the world, among them – Spanish telecommunication operator „Telefonica”, „Danske Bank”, „UniCredit Bank”, „Latvijas Banka”, „Rietumu Bank”, “Elko Group” „DEPO DIY”, “Microsoft Latvia”, “Philips Baltic”, „TV3 Latvija”, “AAS Balva”, “Kvadra pak” and others.

DEAC is the developer of a popular Latvian school management system e-klase( www.e-klase.lv).


Olegs Naskidajevs,

Head of marketing and development department, DEAC

Ph.: +371 6707 2100, +7 499 5029 722

Mob. +371 2917 0284, +7 926 448 2657, +7 921 889 9022, +375 299 430 290

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