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DEAC to the prime minister of Ukraine: Latvian IT industry benefits

DEAC to the prime minister of Ukraine: Latvian IT industry benefits

DEAC director of marketing and development department Olegs Naskidajevs on a round table discussion with Ukraine prime minister Nikolay Azarov and Latvian business representatives have told that the business of Ukraine can significantly strengthen its competitiveness in Europe by using the opportunities of Latvian data centers.

Round table discussion has taken place on 10th February in Riga, Radisson BLU Daugava hotel. The event was organized by LIAA (Latvian investment and development agency). The mutual opportunities of expanding economical cooperation of Ukraine and Latvia were discussed. The Latvian IT industry was represented by European data center operator DEAC.

O. Naskidajevs told the discussion participants that DEAC has more than 300 projects in CIS countries, that shows that DEAC has the experience, competence and the ability to satisfy various complex customers‘ demands.

DEAC is planning to open a representation office in Kiev in the end of 2012.

„DEAC experience in European market is very useful for Ukraine, where business is often international and has affiliates not only in Ukraine or CIS countries, but in the rest of the world as well. DEAC is located between East and West, provides data centers infrastructure, secure data storage and administration. The active operation beyond the boundaries of Ukraine implies the necessity of an experienced, technologically advanced and reliable IT partner,” explains O. Naskidajevs.

“By using DEAC IT services, the business of Ukraine can save up to 40% of IT costs within 3 to 5 years. More customers each year are entrusting their data security to DEAC, now more the 2500 customers from 40 countries of the world are using DEAC IT services,” said O. Naskidajevs.

DEAC turnover in 2011 has increased up to 43%, comparing to 2010. That is explained by  active services export, that is around 25% of total DEAC services volume. Financial crisis in Latvia has motivated DEAC to master the foreign export markets, and as a result - a successful IT outsourcing export to European and CIS countries markets. 40% of DEAC export portfolio is market, that is why DEAC is planning to increase the export balance for Ukraine in 2012.

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