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DEAC shared its experience how to achieve maximum data security in international conference "Data Centers 2010”

DEAC shared its experience how to achieve maximum data security in international conference "Data Centers 2010”

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In international conference "Data Centers 2010” that takes place in Moscow every year the company DEAC shared its experience how to achieve the maximum security level in European data centers. This year the event gathered over 300 participants, among them also well recognized international and Russian experts, the world's leading equipment and software manufacturers, consultants, system integrators, as well as data center owners and investors.

The event was dedicated to discuss such important issues as the functional stability of the data centers, the use of energy efficient technologies, as well as optimization of costs for infrastructure and staff.

In his presentation DEAC - the only European data centers operator at the conference - noted the importance of geographical factors, which may provide diversification of most of the administrative and technical risks.

 "We advise to our clients make their IT infrastructure so that primary and backup data would be stored in at least 2 different geographic locations, one of which necessarily must be in the EU," says Oleg Naskidaev, Head of marketing and development department, DEAC.

In the round table discussion DEAC representative stressed that the main objective of optimization is to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability of data, noting that after finished works the company can not only guarantee the continuity of business processes, but also significantly reduce its IT costs. For example, some DEAC customers during 3-5 years could reduce their IT costs up to 40%.

Similar results also shared Jerry Gallagher, CEO and President of Total Site Solutions: «Of course, not everyone can afford to build a new modern energy-efficient data center. But there are already proven methods how to upgrade the existing data center, allowing more efficient use of available space and reducing power consumption of engineering infrastructure: replacing old UPS systems with new one with higher efficiency, air traffic management system optimization, isolation of hot and cold corridors, eliminating air leakage, the transfer of cooling systems closer to the load, free - cooling use etc. depending on the situation in each data center. Projects like this recouped within 2-5 years."

For more information on the outcomes of the conference look here:

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