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IT virtualization – an escape from the crisis

IT virtualization – an escape from the crisis

DEAC Ltd. believes that the virtual server solutions could be an escape from the crisis for many companies. The performance of virtual servers is almost similar to the power of dedicated servers, although the price of the solution is 30% lower on the average. Therefore they are suitable for governmental institutions and small and medium enterprises that need a significant optimization in their IT expenses.

The number of customers who are choosing the virtual server solutions instead of dedicated servers has rapidly grown compared to the last year. They have become popular among the segment of small and medium enterprises. Comparing to the 9 months of the previous year, the number of DEAC virtual server users has gone up by 100% in 2009. There are both Latvian and several foreign-based companies among them. The explanation lies in the fact that the companies see the virtualization as a realistic way to economize during this financially tense period.

The bottom line is that the virtual server service is a financially beneficial way for a customer to have a server located at the data centre in line with the highest infrastructure standards and for a price that by far undercuts the price for the co-location of a separate physical server at the data centre.

„The virtual server is perfectly suitable for the storage of Internet portals, databases and temporary IT projects, and for software testing. Moreover, virtual servers, as opposed to dedicated servers, if needed, can be very quickly reconfigured – the output and main memory parameters can be enhanced according to the customer's requirements. In addition, the virtual solutions are not only cheaper, but also more environmentally-friendly which is also of a great value”, explains Andris Gailītis, DEAC Chairman of the Board.

The virtual server technology allows dividing resources of one physical server into several virtual servers that are separated by special software. This way there is no possibility that a user of a virtual sever could access other virtual servers. „The virtual server solutions are completely secure”, adds Mr. Gailitis.

„Combining the small price with the high performance, the virtual server solutions are an excellent option for governmental institutions and small and medium enterprises that are using applications that do not fully occupy all resources of a physical server”, continues Mr. Gailītis.

The virtual server solutions at the data centre „Riga” are based on several powerful servers DELL PowerEdge 2950 and R710. The performance of DEAC virtual servers is to the utmost similar to the output of dedicated servers. „The DELL PowerEdge 2950 and R710 servers, equipped with two quad-core processors, main memory starting form 32 GB with an option to enlarge it up to the maximum of 196 GB, and fast (15000rpm) SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) technology hard drives, enable us to create virtual servers with different output options, and with the main memory ranging from 256 MB up to several tens of GB, and the hard drive space starting from 10 GB up to several terabytes. I would like to add that at the DEAC centre we also use the EMC data storage equipment in order to ensure the speed, continuity and security of the virtual servers”, informs Edgars Lukss, DEAC Head of the Technical Department.

„The truth is that this is the most advanced virtual servers' solution among all in the Baltics, with the largest output backup, and for an extremely low price. This allows customers to choose the most suitable virtual server solution according to their requirements and IT budget”, goes on Mr. Gailitis.

DEAC has received the authorized partnership status with the leading virtualization solution provider VMware – Solution provider/ Professional level that confirms that the company employs certified VMware professionals who have an excellent know-how in VMware solutions, and are experienced in the implementation and maintenance of sophisticated virtualization solutions.

About DEAC:
DEAC is the largest data center operator in the Baltics and an IT outsourcing company with 10 years experience and highly qualified personnel. Business ir orientated to provide data center services and IT outsourcing on Eurasia scale.   Owns two carrier-neutral data centers in Riga, Latvia. Total server area 1000 sq.m. Data centers are equipped with TIER I/II/III/IV infrastructure, duplicated power supply sources, APC UPS systems, SDMO diesel generators, Emerson Network Power climate-control systems, FM200 gas fire suppression systems, optical 10 Gbit/s lines from 5 different providers, server systems and network monitoring service. Connections with AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, MSK-IX.

DEAC offers a full range of integrated IT solutions and to almost 2000 customers from 20 countries of the world, among them – Spanish telecommunication operator „Telefonica”, „Danske Bank”, „Unicredit bank”, „Latvijas Bank”, „Rietumu Bank”, “Elko Group” „DEPO DIY”, “Microsoft Latvia”, “Philips Baltic”, „TV3 Latvija”, and others.
DEAC is the developer of a popular Latvian school management system e-klase.
DEAC is an official distributor of DELL in Latvia and an official partner of „Microsoft”, „APC” „VMware”, „EMC” and „Synterra”.
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