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New DEAC corporate e-mail system improves staff mobility greatly

New DEAC corporate e-mail system improves staff mobility greatly

DEAC has introduced a new corporate e-mail solution based on a most modern communication platform “Microsoft Exchange Server 2010” that has earned recognition of IT professionals. The new solution combines high-end e-mail service at lower costs, increased company’s staff mobility and accessibility and guarantees higher level of information security.

The amount of information increases day by day. The companies face new challenge to manage this ever-growing flow of information, and acute need for safer and more efficient data management tools arises. Therefore, new DEAC corporate e-mail solution based on “Microsoft Exchange Server 2010”, allows its users from anywhere in the world (with Internet connection) freely access the e - mails, to communicate with colleagues and business partners and to operate with large data amounts. Users can increase their mobility and productivity that contributes to better business results. ““Microsoft Exchange Server 2010” provides innovative solution for a more flexible, more secure and IT cost-effective communication platform as compared with previous versions corporate. Microsoft estimates show that the new version of Exchange can help you lower your e-mail costs by 50-80%," said DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis.

The advanced solution of corporate e-mail allows bigger control over unwanted e-mail traffic in the company and provides a convenient way of data operating in public folders (documents, calendar, data bases etc.). Furthermore, the information in e-mails is very valuable business property that should be protected against unauthorized access and loss possibilities. DEAC new corporate e - mail solution guarantees business continuity at a high level, by reducing the complexity of data exchange, the costs and risks involved.

The significance of e – mails in company’s communication with different target groups is not lessening but on the contrary - is growing, despite the increasing popularity of different communication channels (video - conferences, blogs, Skype, etc.) A recent Gartner Group research study revealed that almost 97% of business communications are transacted through e-mail. Every day the amount of e - mails may reach several hundred gigabytes. After the "Osterman Research" studies, 73% of users constantly check their e-mails, while 16% - several times an hour.

“The data clearly shows that every company, regardless the turnover and number of employees needs the e - mail solution that allows quickly, efficiently and relatively economically to satisfy all business demands,” said A. Gailitis. “New “Microsoft Exchange Server 2010” version in particular facilitates business process management for companies with a large number of staff and frequent personal work off - site. Moreover, several Western countries have specific legislation regarding e-mail storage and processing rules, so when deploying business activity there, it is important to use the appropriate corporate e - mail solutions. For example, the DEAC "Microsoft Exchange" solution for a single user with 1 GB mailbox will cost from 8 EUR per month."

About DEAC:
DEAC is European data centers operator and an IT outsourcing company with 10 years experience and highly qualified personnel. Business is orientated to provide data center services and IT outsourcing on Eurasia scale.   It owns two carrier-neutral data centers in Riga, Latvia. Total server area 1000 sq.m. Data centers are equipped with TIER I/II/III/IV infrastructure, duplicated power supply sources, APC UPS systems, SDMO diesel generators, Emerson Network Power climate-control systems, FM200 gas fire suppression systems, optical 10 Gbit/s lines from 5 different providers, server systems and network monitoring service. Connections with AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, MSK-IX.
DEAC offers a full range of integrated IT solutions and to almost 2000 customers from 20 countries of the world, among them – Spanish telecommunication operator „Telefonica”, „Danske Bank”, „Unicredit bank”, „Latvijas Banka”, „Rietumu Bank”, “Elko Group” „DEPO DIY”, “Microsoft Latvia”, “Philips Baltic”, „TV3 Latvija”, “AAS Balva”, “Kvadra pak” and others.
DEAC is the developer of a popular Latvian school management system e-klase.

Olegs Naskidajevs,
Head of marketing and development department, DEAC
Ph. +371 6707 2100, +7 499 5029 722
Mob. +371 2917 0284, +7 926 448 2657
[email protected]


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