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DEAC Server Clusters

European data center operator DEAC has launched a Server Clusters solution, which best suits high-loaded IT projects. Testing of software, high-loaded applications, start-up projects, high performance calculations, load balancing for data and much more are now available on DEAC-preinstalled clusters of hundreds of servers. Powerful computing resources based on DEAC’s converged infrastructure and redundant network connectivity across Europe and Russia are available up to some days depending on the business’ requirements.



DEAC uptime

DEAC’s uptime on the level of Four Nines achieved also at this year's first half. We are satisfied with the results and continue providing our customers consistently high quality standards.


DaaS Virtual Desktop DEAC

DEAC has launched a cloud-based DaaS (Desktop as a Service) across data centers in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Riga and Moscow to enhance work process with improved continuity and security. Now customers’ software and applications can be stored and processed remotely on demand, regardless of the geographical or organizational boundaries, creating a complete mobile workplace and ultimate user experience from anywhere in the world.


Data backup BaaS DEAC

DEAC has announced a new version of data backup solution called, BaaS (backup as a service), with a simple interface and wide options to store different data types in Data Backups at one or several of DEAC’s data centers in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam or Riga.


DEAC SUPERFAST implementation of services

Following an increasing demand for a high quality and fast solutions, European data center will showcase a new added-value service - SUPERFAST implementation of data center services in the world’s level events - Cloud Expo Europe and CeBIT.


DEAC year 2014 financial results

European data center operator DEAC has successfully concluded its financial year 2014, showing strong and stable results in export growth and increase in demand for data center solutions. DEAC experienced another strong year, achieving a raise of the total revenue up to 20% from previous year reaching EUR 10 mil border. Company’s strong progress in the last five years led to fivefold increase in revenue, which further strengthens DEAC to stay on track with their strategy to become one of the leading European data center operators.


DEAC - First Data Center Operator in Latvia with PCI DSS Compliance

In December 2014, the European data center operator DEAC has accomplished the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) audit, becoming the first data center company in Latvia and one of the few in the Baltics that provides their customers payment card data storage, processing and transmitting in appliance with highest level requirements.



Superfast Data Center Services, DEAC

DEAC – one of the largest independent data center operators in Northern Europe, has undertaken research into its services over the last 12 months to discover how fast it is able to deliver its key services. The results show that DEAC is able to provide seven of its key services to customers just one hour after agreeing a deal. By some estimates, this has the potential to be one of the fastest service deliveries amongst all European data centers.


Increasing the quality standards, DEAC

Reviewing 2014 in numbers: in the beginning of this year, we aimed to get Four Nines of uptime. And this is it - we got the desired result!

Data Centre News / Press about DEAC


DEAC expands foothold to Western Europe & North America

DEAC has announced plans to roll out services into the UK, US and German markets. DEAC will provide secure data centre support and IT outsourcing that has proven to reduced IT costs for customers by up to 40 per cent within three to five years.

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