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DEAC launches in US, UK and German markets

Baltic based datacentre operator, DEAC has announced plans to roll out services into the US, UK and German markets. DEAC will offer secure datacentre support and IT outsourcing that have proven to reduce IT costs for customers by up to 40% within three to five years.




European Data Center Operator DEAC

DEAC – one of the largest independent data center operators in the Northern Europe, has announced its plan to roll out further services into the UK, US and German markets. DEAC will provide secure data centers and IT outsourcing support that has reduced IT costs for existing customers by up to 40% within three to five years.



DEAC – the fastest growing company in the Baltic ICT market

Baltic ICT Market review, launched by the Prime Investment, indicates that Latvian companies have become successful service providers with high potential in export. According to the research data, local data center operator DEAC reached the largest growth in revenue from IT services, becoming one of the fastest growing companies among major Baltic ICT service providers.



Demand for Latvian data centers, DEAC

DEAC along with delegation of Latvian entrepreneurs under the leadership of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Latvian Republic to the Russian Federation - Astra Kurme, from July 9 to July 20 have visited Russia’s Far East region cities - Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Magadan. The delegation met with region’s high-ranking officials, governors and mayors and had fruitful round-table discussions with representatives of several business sectors.



Data flow in data centers, DEAC

DEAC observed data traffic double increase due to business migration to the cloud services. The capacity of processed data allows Latvia to become a highly competitive player among TOP IT (information technologies) countries and attract foreign investors. Rapidly growing Latvian data centers potential allows DEAC to target a stable niche and strengthens Latvia to become an equal player among the strongest IT countries.



DEAC reports first-quarter financial growth

European data center operator DEAC raised its first-quarter financial results, achieving a 2.87 million euro turnover, which is a 45% increase compared to 1.97 million euro for the same period in 2013. Company achieved improved operating results (EBITDA) of 1.292 million euro.



Largest European providers of virtual resources, DEAC

European data center operator DEAC has made a big step forward in company and its infrastructure development by upgrading existing data center equipment and enlarging data storage and processing capacity. IT outsourcing company has significantly raised its service quality level that allows providing customers with one of the most modern data processing and storage solutions in the Northern Europe, ranking DEAC among the largest European providers of virtual resources.



DEAC turnover 2013

Data center operator DEAC in 2013 has achieved the largest turnover in the history of the company, reaching 8 million euro. The turnover growth has made up 64%, compared to the previous year, when company turnover was 5 million euro. Due to increased demand for IT outsourcing services, DEAC has successfully tripled its turnover within the last four years.



Russian business in Palermo...

At fifth jubilee financial directors round table discussion under the KSK group auspices took place on 23rd-26th May at Sicilia, not far from Palermo. DEAC experts pointed out high level of audience maturity in the field of organizing business security by using data centers located in European Union. Round table experts in 3 days have discussed loads of situations of correct organization of information and tax security. For the first time, DEAC have spoken together with its customer – Biovitrum, that has shared its experience of using DEAC data centers in Latvia and have observed a significant business stability increase during the last 2 years, as well as extrication of financial and human resource in long term perspective.



The highest turnover 2012, DEAC

European data center operator DEAC informs, that its turnover in 2012 has reached the highest mark in the history of the company - over 4.9 million euros, which is 46% more comparing to year 2011, when the turnover has reached 3.3 million euros. 

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