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Russian companies are eager to store business data in Latvian data centers

Russian companies are eager to store business data in Latvian data centers

Recent DEAC data shows, that Russian businesses are eager to store and process data in European data centers. First event, organized by DEAC in Moscow on 22nd November in cooperation with Latvian Embassy and largest Russian IT publishing house Otkritie Sistemi have shown that the main criteria for Russian business when choosing Latvia as a place to store data - business security, risks diversification, costs optimization as well as prestige increase by expanding activity on European Union territory. Seminar participants have rated high the advices and recommendations of the speakers and have agreed that economical cooperation of Russian and Latvia next year has a large potential.

DEAC regularly monitors the market and last few years trends are - strong interest of large and medium Russian businesses towards colocating data in European data centers. The main reason for that - business security, risks diversification, cost optimization as well as prestige increase by expanding activities on European Union territory. For Russian large and medium businesses Latvia more often becomes a European Union country that is considered to be the country of reliable data centers with highly-qualified IT specialists.

DEAC regular participation in Russian IT conferences and summits have and experience gathered have allowed to organize own events, in cooperation Latvian Embassy in Moscow and Russian IT publishing house Otkritie Sistemi on 22nd November - a business seminar  - A positive experience of Russian business cooperation with European Union partners. At event opening the representative of Latvian Embassy Olaf Slutins have told about openness towards cooperating with Russian and support Russian business in cooperation with  Latvian companies.  DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis noted, that "more than 300 projects were realized based on DEAC data centers infrastructure in such countries as Latvia, Germany, United Kingdom, Holland, and that is what not only strengthens economic connections, but creates relationship of trust and motivates the players of other spheres towards mutual beneficial cooperation".

During the seminar the IT experts of DEAC, DELL, Rietumu Bank, 5-55 and Otkritie Sistemi have shared their opinions on European data centers with more that 50 participants. "It is a pleasure to see the trend when Russian business trusts European data centers and the level of shared experience achieved at the seminar, will definitely be useful for new ideas realization as well as a brief understanding for IT experts of business opinion", says director of marketing and development department Oleg Naskidaev.  DEAC plans to continue sharing the opportunities of European data centers with Russian business during large Russian IT conferences as well as on DEAC own events in  2012.

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