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Colocation calculator


Deploy your IT infrastructure in data centers designed according to the highest safety standards.

Choose the size of your equipment (1U, 2U, 3U or higher). If you would like to colocate several servers or network equipment units, please fill the calculator steps for each equipment separately .Equipment must fit the rack. If you don't want to locate your equipment in the rack, please contact us - we will help you to find the best solution.

Equipment size

Specify number of your equipments' power supply units. If there are two power supply units, each unit is connected to a fully backed-up UPS system. * Second PSU is available for an additional fee

Equipment type

Specify single power supply maximum power (Watts).

2 x PSU connections included

Choose the switch port for your internet connection or combination of ports.

Switch Ports

Backup of the system data and other data. Prevent data loss and enable data to be restored from backup copies in case of fault. Data backup is based on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager software.

Default help text

Default subtitle

Additional external IPv4 address

IP address
0 IP
8 IP

Technical staff 24/7 will monitor the availability of virtual or physical server; create a warning about CPU, RAM, HDD possible overload, network availability, or overload. The main advantage - timely received warning, which lets you instantly start troubleshooting measures.

Quantity of monitoring units
1 IP monitoring
8 IP monitoring

Firewall is ensured using powerful equipment, and all resources are divided among other customers. Each customer has a dedicated Firewall policy, such as a port or IP address filtering, as well as other standard Firewall functions.


Predefined response time, in which DEAC experts starts processing the request and problem solving. You will always have priority over the running requests, regardless of the capacity of technical staff.

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