Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Data backup service or BaaS is a fast, easy, reliable and flexible solution for a remote and secure data storage in DEAC cloud, which is deployed in large data centers in London, Frankfurt, Moscow, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Kiev and Riga. It is the most widely used solution for data security and allows to backup and restore data even for your specific software. Data backup significantly reduces risks of downtime in case of data loss, cyber-attacks or technical issues. Your data will be quickly restored from previous backups that you can adjust according to your needs ensuring your business’ availability.

Backup as a Service BaaS DEAC

Backup as a Service BaaS DEAC

Backup as a Service BaaS DEAC

Cost reduction 
BaaS safeguards your data without any additional expenses

We charge you only for exact backup storage amount you need

Total security
Multi-level physical and software protection keeps your data highly secure

The most popular data types are folders with Word and Excel documents, photos and videos, emails, different small and medium databases, accounting programs, CRM, ERP and BI systems. You will be able to backup not only specific data and workstations, but your server too, and all your data will be stored in secure DEAC data centers that complies with internationally recognized standards. By cooperating with DEAC, you are choosing experienced, reliable and responsive service provider, who not only provides your desired solution, but also advises on the best application and customization of the service to fit your business needs.

How BaaS works?

  1. Make sure you have an internet connection. Pick data for backup from your computer or server.

  2. In case of Veeam backup solution, we will provide you with Veeam interface after purchase. If you choose IBM Spectrum Protect BaaS solution, use this IBM Spectrum Protect interface. Both interfaces allow organizing data copying process in manual or automatic mode, as well as customizing data backup and storage location, frequency, capacity and time.

  3. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can restore data on your computer or server at any time.

  4. It is required to log off after the work is finished.

Backup as a Service BaaS DEAC

Order back up as a service for your business now!

Choose the right location for your data backup, user and encryption mode and order BaaS online without leaving your desk. You can quickly get a desired amount of disc space for remote storage and completely control the backup process.

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Customers are able to backup a wide range of data and even implement backup for full system. DEAC BaaS solutions, powered by world-class providers IBM Spectrum Protect and Veeam, support variety of environments – we will protect your data hosted in virtual, physical, cloud or software defined platforms. Both BaaS solutions have simple backup administration, advanced capabilities and scalable capacity that all together notably improves efficiency of backup management.

BaaS enterprise solutions

Risk minimization

Secure backup and restore

IBM Spectrum Protect and Veeam BaaS solutions are designed for enterprises and they can be conveniently used for all workplaces in your business’ network with a single admin log in. After purchasing the back up as a service, we will send you a brief guide on how to use the backup software and how to adjust it to your business’ needs. If you do not want to do it yourself and you want to focus on your main business processes, DEAC specialists will manage it for you! Working together, we will create the best backup solution with specific backup schedule, frequency and target data for you.

By making a regular system and data backup, you not only protect your business from data loss caused by cyber-attacks and technical issues, but also from mistakes made by employees. Human factor is one of the most underestimated risk factors causing data loss. Your data backup copies will be stored in secure DEAC cloud and you will be able to restore data even deleted by users, as well as choose, from which day you want to restore backup data.

You can process data backup and recovery at any time, and during this process, all or some files can be encrypted to deliver the highest security against major risks. We do not set limits to the capacity of the stored data and you can pay only for the backup storage amount you need. Take into account that backup copies can help you recover sensitive data in case of an emergency, saving your business from unnecessary expenses and even protecting it against closing down.


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Back up as a Service: technical specification

BaaS is designed in DEAC data centers' infrastructure across Europe - London, Moscow, Frankfurt, Kiev, Amsterdam, Riga, Stockholm, depending on your request and based on IBM Spectrum Protect or Veeam software. Data centers are interconnected with one of the fastest internet networks and can be split into a single location or multiple locations, for customer’s data backup.

BaaS solutions support high-capacity data transmission flow via LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network) and SAN (Storage Area Network) network. Furthermore, there is unlimited number of protected servers, and workstation of clients. BaaS solution based on IBM Spectrum Protect allows you pay only for the exact backup storage amount that you need. In case of Veeam solution, we will work together to determine storage amount that you need and letting you plan fixed costs. Both data backup systems support wide range of architecture and OS such as Linux, AIX, Solaris, MacOS, Windows, HP-UX. There are specifically designed data protection solutions as well:

  • Virtual Machines: VMware®, Microsoft® Hyper-V®
  • Email: Microsoft® Exchange
  • Databases: Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL


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