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Media streaming


Benefit from uninterrupted transmission of media content over the Internet from the source to end users within specified time, quality and amount, as well as reduce buffering and latency of your audio and video stream on the website and applications!

Media content streaming users have high expectations for faultless quality and continuity of service. To provide low latency streaming services, we provide high speed network and high availability hardware, as well as scalable solutions and reliable delivery method to meet your business needs. Powerful DEAC data centers and expanded network infrastructure provide users with continuous information flow and the quality of the transmitted signal.

Flexible content DEAC

Flexible and always available content for your users

Pre-recorded video and audio content can be distributed globally from any location. Streaming content is uploaded and stored on multiple streaming servers, ready to be made available to users worldwide.

Efficient media streaming DEAC

Efficient media streaming

Our IT experts will guide you and provide necessary support to handle your media streaming efficiently ensuring a great user experience for your business.

Content delivery without investments in hardware DEAC

Content delivery without investments in hardware

We offer ready-to-use service without investments in hardware or infrastructure, pay only for the resources that you use.

Video or movie streaming using CDN DEAC

Video or movie streaming using CDN

Heavy web media as video or movie streaming is delivered using content delivery network (CDN), which is designed for high performance and distribution of rich media across the world in multiple formats.

Live streaming DEAC

Live streaming

The most popular way of attending a conference is live video streaming: conference participants can connect to it online and watch it at their convenience.

Media streaming DEAC

Fast access while transmitting entire file

With streaming service, fast access to download large multimedia files on the go is not required anymore for your web content users as data is displayed before transmitting entire file.


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The usage of streaming

Supported formats

The usage of streaming service

Stream service is used in pre-recorded media such as video, music and movie online streaming sites and are suitable for a live broadcast of a web meetings, online sessions or live TV online streaming.

DEAC streaming services support single live events, as well as continuous broadcast of video, music or different content. This is a perfect way to order and deliver content, based on custom searches or highly personalized libraries in the mainstream.

Supported formats

With the growth of data traffic over the Internet, content streaming applications have become an integral part for many companies. Increasing adoption of various devices challenge quality of the content due to diverse connection speeds and playback platforms for consumers convenience. Our service supports various formats such as Adobe Flash® RTMP, Adobe Flash HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), Apple® HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), MPEG-DASH and Microsoft® Smooth Streaming.