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BIM AutoCAD and Building Design Suite Premium – a widely used architectural software, that provides BIM and CAD software tools for engineers, contractors and architects. It allows you to design complex architectural constructions in virtual environment. This software requires powerful and uninterruptible resources, thus choosing DEAC – you get a secure and reliable platform for your architectural and design project implementation and development!

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) technical integration with CAD software and BIM modeling will allow you to design architectural construction not just from your personal computer, but also from your tablet and even smartphone. Enjoy your modeling software with a full power without having expensive devices – DEAC’s IT platform will power it for you! In addition, you will be able to access to your projects and manage your CAD software from any place and time while DEAC assures the highest security standards, availability and support 24/7.

The benefits of using CAD software at DEAC data centers

    BIM AutoCAD and Building Design Suite DEAC   All data and software is available round-the-clock in secure DEAC cloud

    BIM AutoCAD and Building Design Suite DEAC   No worries – in case of device failure, the data remains intact and unavailable to third parties

    BIM AutoCAD and Building Design Suite DEAC   Your data is secure in world class data centers in Riga, London, Kiev, Frankfurt, Moscow, Amsterdam or Stockholm

    IBIM AutoCAD and Building Design Suite DEAC   Virtual desktop is protected by firewall and antivirus software

    BIM AutoCAD and Building Design Suite DEAC   Tailor-made and guaranteed resources for your business needs

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Architectural design software is built in maximum tools for a full-scale structure engineering, from foundation and constructions to accessories and light design. That is why these programs require and consume powerful resources for unlimited and uninterruptible operations. According to the software and your needs, DEAC will provide you with the resources that will maximize operations’ speed and efficiency. DEAC’s reliable data centers, the latest updates on IT infrastructure and obtained internationally recognized standards guarantees a long-term partner relationships to ensure your business stays always up and running.


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