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Useful software

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Useful software

Below you can see various kinds of softwarethat is free of charge and recommended by the DEAC IT experts.

This software with improved and unique functionality enforces commercial products on daily basis. If this list does not contain the kind of software you are looking for and if you need a professional advice, you are welcome to ask questions via the contact form; we will respond to each request personally as soon as possible.


DEAC Ubuntu


This is a comprehensive operating system for personal computers, laptops and servers, and in future, it will be such for tablets and smartphones too. It can be freely used both at home and office in Latvian or any other language. Ubuntu environment offers more than 1000 types of software ranging from office and internet applications to programming tools and games. At least 20 million people in the world use it.         

DEAC Debian


Is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to developing free software and promoting the ideals of the Free Software community? Debian Developers are involved in a variety of activities, including Web and FTP site administration, graphic design, legal analysis of software licenses, writing documentation, and, of course, maintaining software packages.


The CentOS

Linux distribution is a stable, predictable, manageable and reproducible platform derived from the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). CentOS are now looking to expand on that by creating the resources needed by other communities to come together and be able to build on the CentOS Linux platform. Today they start the process by delivering a clear governance model, increased transparency and access.


IT Business Solutions DEAC
Reliable data centers

Excellent safety standards and excellent quality of service.

IT Business Solutions DEAC
Data security 24/7

The highest level of data protection against all types of threats.

IT Business Solutions DEAC
High data availability

Uptime delivery up to 99.995 % with justified service guarantees.