IT business solutions DEAC
IT business solutions DEAC


IT business solutions DEAC

Today DEAC is a well-known data center operator in Europe. Since opening business on August 9, 1999, we have continuously developed data centers infrastructure and our team’s professional capabilities. By significantly expanding a variety of services offered each year, the loyalty of our customers’ is increasing as well. Nowadays, entrusting sensitive business data to a service provider means entrusting the whole operation of the business, and DEAC appreciates such high level of trust.

The industry leader DEAC

The industry leader since 1999

IT experts DEAC

More than 100 certified IT experts

Security standards DEAC

World-class security standards

Worldwide services DEAC

Successfully implemented projects in more than 40 countries

IT business solutions DEAC
IT business solutions DEAC


IT business solutions DEAC

IT business solutions DEAC
IT business solutions DEAC


The purpose of DEAC

The main purpose of DEAC is to ensure business continuity of our customers by evaluating their business targets, resources and IT needs. DEAC data centers services are ranked amongst the most powerful and beneficial business tools for customers, enabling them to focus on their primary activities and to delegate IT related matters to experienced experts.


History of DEAC
Foundation year DEAC



Data center Grizinkalns DEAC


The underground
data center «Grizinkalns»

Positions abroad DEAC


Strenghtening our
positions abroad

ISO 9001:2000 DEAC


Quality management certificate
ISO 9001:2000    obtained

The largest data center in the Baltics DEAC


The largest
data center in the Baltics opened

IT solutions in Moscow DEAC


The first representation
office abroad

Customers DEAC


from more than
40 countries

IT risinājumi Maskavā DEAC
Virtual platform DEAC


Most advanced virtual platform in Northern Europe launched






implementation of
data center services

Microsoft Gold Datacenter DEAC


Gold Datacenter
competency obtained

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 DEAC


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 DEAC


Started building
new data center

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 DEAC


ISO 50001:2011

IT risinājumi Maskavā DEAC
IT risinājumi Maskavā DEAC
Business IT solutions DEAC


Team and specialists DEAC

The DEAC team consists of certified and experienced IT experts who continuously improve their thorough competency in data center service provision by attending specialized trainings in Europe, Russia and the USA. More than 100 highly qualified and certified IT experts in Latvia and Russia serves customers in over 40 countries worldwide. In recent years, the majority of new customers have chosen us through recommendations from our existing customers. Thus indicates a high level of DEAC employees responsibility working with customers’ data and the ability of finding functional solutions for clients’ technical and business-related problems. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact DEAC customer support during working hours or DEAC technical support 24/7.​

Andris Gailitis DEAC

Olegs Naskidajevs DEAC

Edgars Lukss DEAC


Head of Sales Department

Head of IT Department

Andris Gailitis

Olegs Naskidajevs

Edgars Lukss

Business IT solutions DEAC Business IT solutions DEAC Business IT solutions DEAC

“Experience, high level of responsibility and professionalism are our strengths”

“We are looking for suitable and efficient solution for every customer needs”

“Increasing qualification for IT specialists is a continuous process”

Vladimir Komissarov DEAC

Marks Dimitrijevs DEAC

Armans Slokenbergs DEAC

General Manager of Representative
Office in Moscow

Sales Team Manager

Head of Marketing Department

Vladimir Komissarov

Marks Dimitrijevs

Armands Slokenbergs

Business IT solutions DEAC Business IT solutions DEAC Business IT solutions DEAC

“The ability to meet customers' fast growing demands allow us to compete with the biggest players in the market”

“Every company is using IT solutions nowadays. Our task is to make them more flexible for every business needs”

“Our attitude and competence are basic elements that form DEAC brand values”

Elita Kovalova DEAC

Raivis Giels DEAC

Alina Zizina DEAC

Customer Support Team Manager

Head of Indirect Sales Channels

Marketing Team Manager

Elita Kovalova

Raivis Giels

Alina Zizina

Business IT solutions DEAC Business IT solutions DEAC Business IT solutions DEAC

“Colleagues’ responsiveness and unity gives the best results in the daily work with customers”

“Every DEAC partner is our opportunity for development”

“Precision and perfection is a key-value in any market”

Business IT solutions DEAC
Business IT solutions DEAC


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