Network Solutions

Network Solutions DEAC
DEAC operates fully redundant and operator independent fiber network utilizing the most advanced technologies. Broad geographic reach, the largest choice in network solutions and the most efficient connectivity options, along with strong encryption allows to lease a data center space in strategical important locations. Multiple spots enhance global coverage for our customers, while also allowing them to comply with regional content and privacy regulations across Europe and Russia.

Network Solutions DEAC

Network Solutions DEAC

Network Solutions DEAC

IPv4 / IPv6 address allocation 
DEAC provides access to both IPv4 and IPv6 networks through a single port to connect remote applications, servers and destinations

The fastest data transmission
Get transfer speeds using 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps port speed – the fastest transfer rate available with internet connectivity through fiber connections

Remote peering
With interconnection and peering with as many networks as possible, we move traffic to a lower cost with a better data flow

Virtual private network VPN DEAC

Virtual private network (VPN)

VPN is a cost-effective solution that supports the secure transmission of information and gives an access to a private network to share data remotely through public networks. Whether you have multiple offices scattered throughout the world, or you simply want to have all of the conveniences and tools of the main office from your home or a business locations, a virtual private network (VPN) is the answer.

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Network Solutions DEAC

Layer 2 DEAC

Layer 2

Layer 2 or the base of DEAC’s dedicated data transmission channels provides the customer with a set speed of up to 10 Gb/s for each data channel and the lowest latency. Customer’s dedicated channels are connected to the DEAC base communication nodes located in several countries, and their operation is monitored by the technical personnel of DEAC on a 24/7 basis.

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IP Transit Networks DEAC

IP Transit Networks

IP transit provides a Multihomed IP-transit service providing the best route selection for your destination to the Internet with built-in redundancy and fault tolerance, offering carrier-grade service to telecom operators, Internet service providers (ISP), Application Service Providers (ASP), content players, and other users demanding high-quality performance and connectivity into the Internet backbone and major eyeball networks.

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Network Solutions DEAC

Content Delivery Network CDN DEAC

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN network solution is designed as high performance network for the distribution of large files, videos and other rich media across the world in multiple formats. The network of servers located in strategical important locations speeds up your site and load balances network traffic improving performance of your content delivery.

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Media Streaming DEAC

Media Streaming

Powerful DEAC data centers and expanded network architecture provides users with continuous information flow and the quality of the transmitted signal. Content streaming service reduces buffering and latency of your audio and video stream on the website and applications.

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Network Solutions DEAC

Network and Server Administration and Monitoring DEAC

Network and Server Administration and Monitoring

Entrust your local area network, equipment, software and application management and monitoring to DEAC IT experts and you will not have to worry about security of your IT systems, which can significantly affect your business.

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IP Telephony DEAC

IP Telephony (VoIP)

Secure business conversations and low costs regardless of distance or your location. Internet telephony brings the opportunity to get rid of traditional cabling systems. Voice content over the IP network based on the latest technologies.

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Network Solutions DEAC

Deac IT Business Solutions

Contact our experts and get customized network solutions that fit your business needs!

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Network Architecture & Coverage

Highly redundant network architecture allows providing service, ensuring geographical disaster recovery and primary - secondary data center solutions as well. DEAC 40 gigabit core network is based on 100% optical network to run Cisco ASR high performance routing and switching engines around a strategically located high-capacity POPs that enables you to use an efficient, low latency and cost effective network that breaks economic and performance barriers. DEAC carrier‐neutral data centers gives an access to a variety of high‐speed, secure and highly available network services to enhance and expand your business and IT infrastructure.

Network Coverage DEAC

Carrier interconnection

Technical description

DEAC combines interconnection services to leading top tier providers, dozens of telecommunications carriers and ISPs through tailored cross connections at our carrier neutral data centers. To ensure high throughput and low latency each of our geographically diverse facility is equipped with massive bandwidth capacity ranging to 40 Gbps. The highest degree of security ensures a secure end-to-end connection and data encryption to protect your business.

Network Solutions DEAC

DEAC network engineers ensures the network is optimized for customers’ needs 24 hours a day. In addition, our engineers are here to build a tailor made high-speed data network and backup solution for your primary network connections using dynamic VPN tunnels for any-to-any site connectivity. Scalable Service Level Agreement can cover all network services.

Certified experts manage data traffic flow with DDoS threats, Juniper firewall systems and high performance Cisco ASR routing, both ensuring high network security and performance. IPv4 and IPv6 protocols are both deployed and distributed throughout our Cisco core infrastructure. Our network capabilities allow us to provide connectivity using MPLS technology. Reach the world's top business markets within 10 milliseconds or operate between closest data centers in just 3 milliseconds to satisfy a high data demand of today`s applications.


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