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Private, Public & Hybrid cloud

DEAC cloud platform is one of the most powerful and advanced

virtual platforms

in Northern Europe. Today it does not have an equivalent analogue in Baltic corporate data center market. Virtual platform provides ready-to-use unlimited resources without any investments in physical equipment and maintenance.

DEAC Self-provisioning DEAC Pay-as-you-Go model DEAC high availability and performance


Fast increase of resources and without any investment in hardware and software


Pay only for resources that you use

High availability and performance

Advanced infrastructure and duplicated telecommunication lines for maximum performance

The solution is built on HP business-class data storage equipment that combines VMware software and allows customers to provide convenient and secure private cloud management. DEAC provides individual public, private or hybrid cloud creation according to customers` business availability, confidentiality and the planned future development requirements.

DEAC Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds scheme

Public cloud

Public clouds` capacity provides users with unlimited resources and investment savings. Public cloud divides the infrastructure, electricity and other service maintenance or operational expenditure (OPEX) among all public cloud users. The solution is provided on the virtual platform for more than one company with strict safety requirements. Any company can start to use a public cloud and will get all the necessary resources (required storage volume, software and licenses) within a few minutes.

Private cloud

is the most appropriate solution for companies with data privacy and confidentiality as the most important factor. Private virtual platform provides resources for a single user or organization and both – the customer or data center experts – can be administrators for management console. In addition, the DEAC provides the solution in accordance with the highest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Private Cloud is one of the most demanded DEAC services. Years of experience, certified experts and powerful technologies provided by leading manufactures allows adjusting private cloud for any business needs. Learn more, buy ready-to-use private cloud solutions or ask for your individual configuration here!

Hybrid cloud

allows the company to use the full capacity of the cloud: achieving cost savings provided by the public cloud and without putting critical data availability at risk by dissociating it from third parties. This cloud is a combination of two or more private and public clouds that interconnects and shares their power and data. The solution provides a seamless platform integration by enabling required capacity customization of publicly shared resources and by maximizing the security of sensitive data.

Technical specification

Storage infrastructure is upgraded with the most advanced hardware components - system’s high end storage array is configured with the 4th generation specialized high-speed SAS (Serial-attached SCSI), SATA (Serial ATA) and SSD (Solid-State Drive) drives with automatic load-balance between them and energy-efficient performance.

High performance of the first virtualization platform is provided by twenty HP Performance servers and company plans to increase the number of servers up to many hundreds in the coming future. For the faster virtual machine performance platform is connected to servers with the independent SAN (Storage Area Network) data exchange network providing speed of data flow up to 16 Gbit/s. 

Architecture is integrated with VMware vSphere 5.5 latest programming solutions, becoming safe and convenient solution to manage and maintain cloud resources.  

LAN (Local Area Network) infrustructure  is provided by Juniper QFX high-speed cluster with a 40Gbit/s stacking switches with up to 10Gbit/s upstream channels connected to the world’s largest traffic points in Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and other countries. 

As DoS (Denial of Service) attacks have become more frequent and usually affect the global network, DEAC has implemented efficient protective measures and advanced systems to lower risks and prevent client’s servers and data center’s systems against cyber-attacks. 

Firewall cluster system Juniper SRX reduces the risk of unauthorized data streaming and eliminates an unauthorized access to the data deployed in the data center. Solution is implemented into two independent physical data centers to provide the highest level of security and availability. 

DEAC Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds

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