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Private, Public & Hybrid Cloud


You don't need to stick with one cloud type. Choose a convenient and secure DEAC cloud platform with VMware hypervisor that is beneficial for your business operations!

More than a decade as a VMware Partner

  • VMware-certified experts to help you choose an optimal solution.

  • Best partner to adapt to changing computational demands.

  • VMware cloud now available in Latvia, Lithuania, and Germany (Frankfurt).

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Veeam logo DEACmyDEAC Digital Cloud Space is an alternative, cloud-based platform that allows customers to create and manage virtual machines and order other services with just a few clicks. The platform is developed to be accessible and simple to use, giving users quick and simple access to all of their account details, including contracts, services, and invoicing.

Virtual platform provides ready-to-use unlimited resources without any investments in physical equipment and maintenance with less upfront investments. Choose cloud computing type - public, private or hybrid cloud or ask our experts' help and we will create the cloud according to your data and software types, business availability, confidentiality and planned future development requirements.

Public and hybrid clouds DEAC

Any of these cloud computing types can be used to run applications, create databases, analyze big data or even work remotely on designer programs – just plug ‘n’ play! Find out how your business can benefit from private cloud.

Configure vcloud for your business now!

Cost-effective virtual storage DEAC

Cost-effective virtual storage

Unlike dedicated and physical servers virtual storage is a flexible and cost-effective business tool to locate, store and process all types of information.

Software driven management and control tools DEAC

Software driven management and control tools

Promptly request and evenly distribute available resources to the set of your virtual servers during the high demands or upon the request.

Effectively place, store and process information DEAC

Effectively place, store and process information

Each virtual resource has a full-fledged and individual operating system with its own RAM, number of processors and assigned users, allowing to effectively place, store and process information.

Fast and flexible public cloud DEAC

Fast and flexible

The request for the required resources takes place in a matter of minutes, making any of cloud computing types attractive for optimizing operational costs and increasing the elasticity of working with the growing workloads.

Powerful and secure technologies DEAC

Powerful and secure technologies

DEAC virtual platform is built on HP and DELL business-class data storage equipment in combination with the VMware hypervisor to ensure secure virtualization.

Increase efficiency DEAC

Increase efficiency

Don't pay for resources that you don't use. Our experts will adapt cloud platform to your specific business needs.


Public cloud

Public cloud capacity provides users with unlimited resources and investment savings. Virtualization divides the infrastructure, electricity and other service maintenance or operational expenditure (OPEX) among all public cloud users.

What is a
public cloud?

Public cloud's

What is a public cloud?

The solution is provided on the virtual platform for the several users with strict safety requirements. It has a simple interface, and any company can start to use a public cloud, getting all the necessary resources (storage volume, software and licenses) within few minutes.

Public cloud's benefits
  • Optimizes overall expenses and reduces capital investments
  • Facilitates the development and implementation of various programs and applications
  • Handy and adaptable workflow management

Public cloud services are suitable for small and midsize businesses for rapid expansion of the IT department, to host internet projects, websites or allocate applications, digitalize paperwork and support various business tasks.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is enhanced with the more elastic control system and increased control over the processes, delivered by adaptive and well-adjusted infrastructure.

What is
hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud's

What is hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud is a combination of one or several interconnected public and private clouds, which allows company to use and manage pooled, virtualized resources on the single platform. Clouds can share their power and data on customer’s demand, creating dynamically scalable and safe virtual environment for data storage and processing. Shared public cloud virtualization reduces expenses on power, infrastructure, network and storage management on virtual servers. On the other hand, the private cloud provides the proper level of security and availability of confident information by limiting the access to the data located on server.

Hybrid cloud's benefits
  • Elastic management of any unexpected changes in workload
  • Quick and convenient redistribution of resources among virtual machines
  • Confident data will be always kept under the highest security standards

Hybrid cloud solution provides a seamless platform integration by enabling required capacity customization of publicly shared resources and by maximizing the security of the sensitive data.

Cloud computing is a driving force for sustainable business development, helping companies to rapidly adopt the latest technologies, evolve solutions, more effectively manage document flow, carry out precise researches and compile long-term forecasts. Power of the public and hybrid cloud is adjusted to specific business needs, including self-management portal, fast adaptability, flexibility options and pay-as-you-go model.

Cloud computing: technical specification

All cloud computing types are upgraded with the most advanced hardware components - system’s high end storage array is configured with the 4th generation specialized high-speed SAS (Serial-attached SCSI), SATA (Serial ATA) and SSD (Solid-State Drive) drives with automatic load-balance between them and energy-efficient performance.

High performance of the first virtualization platform is provided by HP and DELL servers. The number of servers are increasing every year and are being upgraded to the latest versions. For the faster virtual machine performance platform is connected to servers with the independent SAN (Storage Area Network) data exchange network providing speed of data flow up to 16 Gbit/s.

Architecture is integrated with VMware vSphere latest programming solutions, becoming safe and convenient solution to manage and maintain cloud resources. Powerful software platform gives the best user experience, and thanks to its comprehensive control tools, it is possible to easily optimize data flow and scale up computing resources among servers.

LAN (Local Area Network) infrastructure is provided by Juniper QFX high-speed cluster with a 40Gbit/s stacking switches with up to 10Gbit/s upstream channels connected to the world’s largest traffic points in Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Scandinavia and other.

The vCloud software solution complements the VMware virtual platform and allows the user to implement fully-fledged and disaster-resistant solutions to protect data from DoS (Denial of Service) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. As the cyber-attacks have become more frequent and usually affect the global network, DEAC has implemented efficient protective measures and advanced systems to lower risks and prevent client’s servers and data center’s systems against them.

The VMware architecture is complemented by an integrated vCloud Suite solution that allows you to create and manage a private or hybrid cloud. Both cloud solutions are integrated on the vSphere platform and have improved software availability and performance.

The hybrid cloud is supplemented with the vCloud Connector software for higher productivity, which is also used to create different connections between the cloud and the local infrastructure.

Firewall cluster system Juniper SRX reduces the risk of unauthorized data streaming and eliminates an unauthorized access to the data deployed in the data center. Solution is implemented into two independent physical data centers to provide the highest level of security and availability.


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