Cloud computing and virtual platform DEAC

Cloud services allow you to use ready-to-use and unlimited resources without investments in physical equipment and maintenance. Use cloud solutions and get unlimited resources offered by the most economically advantageous service. Depending on your business needs, choose the appropriate services and leave worries of the equipment maintenance, upgrading, as well as consistently high availability to the professionals. Invest your saved money in the development of your business!

Cloud computing and virtual platform DEAC Cloud computing and virtual platform DEAC Cloud computing and virtual platform DEAC
Administrative management 

Convenient management portal for easy administration of rented virtual power capacity
High data

Guaranteed uptime delivery not lower than 99,95%, but in reality enjoy 99,99%*

Among the safest virtual
platform in Northern Europe 
Powerful HP brand hardware and VMware software in a single solution

Virtual Servers DEAC

Virtual Server

is a flexibly adaptable and easy to handle resource that will allow online management to your data, websites or databases. Rent virtual infrastructure capacity and increase the level of reaction on the server resources without any capital expenditures in infrastructure and its maintenance!

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Back-up as a Service (BaaS)

is an easy solution for a remote and safe data storage for variety formats in the DEAC cloud. You can process data backup and recovery at any time and place. In case of an emergency, the data backup will help to restore the necessary data quickly and will avoid financial loss risk, as well as will keep your business availability and capacity!

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Back-up as a Service, Baas, DEAC

Desktop as a Service DEAC

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

is a solution that makes it easy to connect to the user's desktop from any device and work with necessary programs and data securely, without holding them in the one device. Solution is suitable for any company, regardless of the number of employees, the company's size or geographic location. The service is designed to secure and save your data in the case of equipment damage or lost and to protect them from unauthorized persons.

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Cloud-Based Business Solutions

is ready-to-use virtual cloud depending on enterprises requirements and it will provide effective work with enterprises software and will let manage business processes in safe data centers. Always ready e-mail, accounting software, documents and safe remote access is your key to success in the competitive, dynamic business environment!

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Cloud Business Solutions DEAC

Public, Private, Hybrid cloud DEAC

Public, Private, Hybrid cloud

is built on HP business-class data storage facilities that combine with VMware software and provide ready-to-use and unlimited resources without investments in physical equipment and maintenance. DEAC provides individual public, private or hybrid cloud creation according to customers` business availability, confidentiality and the planned future development requirements.

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Technical specification

DEAC virtual server technology divides powerful physical server into multiple isolated virtual machines with guaranteed processor power and memory as well as required operating system – Windows or Linux.

Cloud server data security and server performance is provided according to RAID (Redundant array of Independent disks) technology - data is stored in several disks, so the loss of data on one disk will not interrupt user's access to data on another drive. HP brand servers and 3PAR storage system guarantees an unlimited capacity, while the Juniper protects customer’s data from external factors. Solution architecture is created in a close collaboration with VMware and equipped with the latest software complex vSphere, thus providing customers with a convenient and safe management of cloud resources.

  Standard Enterprise-level
Configuration Flexible Flexible
Guaranteed availability, % per month  99,9% 99,99%
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