Server and Equipment Colocation DEAC

Colocate your IT-equipment in DEAC data centers for maximum performance, constant monitoring and administration of your equipment in a suitable environment. DEAC

data centers

infrastructure meets the highest security standards and is suitable for enterprises, that prefer to deploy and maintain their own IT infrastructure in specially designed and equipped areas with physical security and equipment monitoring 24/7. DEAC colocation service includes full technical support and required network infrastructure. The customer can define access policy to its equipment, as well as determine appropriate equipment administration and monitoring.

Highest security standards DEAC Low latency DEAC Maximum equipment performance DEAC
Highest security

Colocate your IT-equipment in DEAC data centers infrastructure developed according to the highest security standards
Low latency network and high data availability 24/7

Data and systems availability up to 99,99%* and world-class data centers connected with 10 Gbit/s network across Europe

Maximum equipment performance without additional costs

DEAC data centers infrastructure is designed to ensure IT equipment maximum performance

DEAC Colocation Services

Server and equipment colocation

- we provide equipment monitoring and administration, the highest infrastructure security standards, appropriate and complete ready-to-use environment for your business process continuity. Colocate your servers and equipment at DEAC data centers and get guaranteed data security.

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Server rack rental

- world-class data centers with physical security and uninterrupted power supply will decrease your IT maintenance costs and ensure business continuity. You can colocate equipment with unlimited data storage, choose number of rack units you require, install additional rack security systems.

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DEAC Server rack rental

Deac IT Business Solutions

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Technical specifications
    • The operational continuity level of DEAC data centers' infrastructure is 2(N+1).
    • Equipment is collocated in an APC 42U, 600 x 1,070 mm rack or in compliance with an individual order; IP addresses are distributed upon request. DEAC customer support solves customer requests or tasks on a 24/7 basis.
    • Several independent electric channels, APC Symmetra uninterruptible power sources (UPS) and SDMO diesel generators ensure a continuous power supply. 
    • Several independent Emerson Network Power climate control systems maintain an optimal temperature for data (+22 °C - +24 °C). 
    • Automatic fire safety systems with the latest smoke and heat detectors prevent fire: special gas for fire suppression prevents any damage to the equipment in case of a fire.  
    • DEAC data centers do not depend on communication operators and offer to connect the customers’ collocated equipment to several communication operators worldwide. Minimum connection speed of each device starts with 100 Mbit/s; connection of maximum speed is variable.


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