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Colocation services


Colocate your IT equipment in DEAC data centers for maximum performance, constant monitoring and administration of your equipment in a suitable environment.

Your IT equipment will be secured in data centers that are equipped with multi-level security systems and are provided with perfect conditions for appropriate maintenance of the IT infrastructure. Colocation facility is suitable for enterprises that prefer to deploy and maintain their own IT infrastructure in specially designed and equipped areas with physical security and equipment monitoring 24/7.


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High security level DEAC

High security level

DEAC’s data centers comply with internationally recognized standards, provide 24/7 monitoring, on-site security, closed circuit cameras, biometric scanners, alarm systems, coded access, fire protection systems, real-time thermal imager and more.

Stability and predictability DEAC

Stability and predictability

Multiple backup generators and disaster plan ensures uninterrupted service and you only need to pay for your own equipment that will ensure predictable monthly expenses for clear and predictable IT budget.

Connectivity DEAC


DEAC data centers provide high bandwidth and excellent redundancy for network connections. You won’t need to pay extra to maintain IT infrastructure, DEAC’s IT solutions include it all.

Scalability DEAC


Data center colocation service enables possibility to scale your service up and down as needed. DEAC data centers provide large amount of ready to use equipment at any time.

Why use colocation
services and rack

DEAC's colocation data centers

Why use colocation services and rack rental?

It is almost impossible to ensure uninterruptible power supply and appropriate environment for servers and colocation facility in your office. DEAC data centers provide wide distribution zone for information exchange between your business branches, required air conditioning, necessary humidity level, temperature and high physical and information security level with 24/7 monitoring.

DEAC's colocation data centers

DEAC is a colocation data center and colocation services include full technical support and required network infrastructure. The customer can define access policy to its equipment, as well as determine appropriate equipment administration and monitoring. Data center colocation is a secure place for business data operations. DEAC’s colocation data centers are equipped to ensure the highest security level and maintained to reach the best possible conditions for equipment. Regardless of amount of servers you need to colocate, DEAC’s server racks are ready to use. For separate environment, choose server racks with specified access rights and high-speed internet connection.

Colocation services: technical specification
    • The operational continuity level of DEAC data centers' infrastructure is 2(N+1).
    • Equipment is colocated in an APC 42U, 600 x 1,070 mm rack or in compliance with an individual order; IP addresses are distributed upon request. DEAC customer support solves customer requests or tasks on a 24/7 basis.
    • Several independent electric channels, APC Symmetra uninterruptible power sources (UPS) and SDMO diesel generators ensure a continuous power supply. 
    • Several independent Emerson Network Power climate control systems maintain an optimal temperature for data (+22 °C - +24 °C). 
    • Automatic fire safety systems with the latest smoke and heat detectors prevent fire: special gas for fire suppression prevents any damage to the equipment in case of a fire.  
    • DEAC data centers do not depend on communication operators and offer to connect the customers's collocated equipment to several communication operators worldwide. Minimum connection speed of each device starts with 100 Mbit/s; connection of maximum speed is variable.