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Data Center Grizinkalns

Data Center Grizinkalns

Data center in Riga DEAC

The underground data center Grizinkalns is designed in compliance with EN 50600 Class 2 safety standard and is one of the few data centers in Northern Europe to have such a high level of physical security.

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Data center in Riga DEAC


80 racks (400 sqm)


designed according to EN 50600-2


0.4 MW



Data center in Riga DEAC Data center in Riga DEAC

Safety standards

The underground data center is located in a former army command point – a bunker built as a very secure structure, made from resilient reinforced concrete constructions with multi-leveled armor. It is located 9 meters above sea level, at the same time being 12 meters under the ground. Specific location helps evade flooding and electromagnetic radiation. A 1.5 m thick lead dome built around the bunker protects it from radiation. There is physical security and video surveillance on the site.

Data center in Riga DEAC Data center in Riga DEAC

Continuous power supply

Several independent electric channels supply electric power to provide a continuous system operations. If it is disrupted, uninterruptible power sources (UPS) supply electric power until the diesel generators start generating electricity. Several SDMO diesel generators and APC Symmetra PX (UPS) systems provide the data center equipment with an uninterrupted power supply.

Data center in Riga DEAC

Climate control

The equipment of the data center runs without interruption thanks to powerful Emerson Network Power – a doubled climate control system with a powerful equipment and its own pumping station.

Data center in Riga DEAC Data center in Riga DEAC

Fire safety system

Data center rooms are equipped with an automatic fire ire extinguishing system, which uses gas to suppress fire (Novec 1230), thus preventing damage to the equipment and to avoid negative impact on people. Rooms are equipped with the latest smoke and heat detectors and VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus).

Data center in Riga DEAC

Diesel generators

If the electric power supply is disrupted simultaneously in all of the electric power leads, the uninterruptible power sources (UPS) of the data center supply electric power until the diesel generators resume generating electricity.

Data center in Riga DEAC

Video surveillance

A video surveillance system CCTV records the events on the premises of the data center as well as its surrounding area on a 24/7 basis.

Physical security

The data center is monitored by professional security personnel on a 24/7 basis: they ensure compliance with safety measures in the surrounding area and, if necessary, eliminate any hazardous factors.

Electronic security systems

Access to rooms of various importance is controlled with biometric access systems. An electronic security system verifies and identifies individuals according to physical traits and indicators.

Telecommunication connections

Independent from communication operators, the data center is connected with several 10 Gbit/s internet channels that unite DEAC communication nodes located in Europe, Asia, USA and other parts of the world. The wide data centers’ infrastructure provides customers with high availability, a guaranteed speed and the smallest possible access delay.