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Big Data in Business DEAC

Why is big data important to business, what is so interesting and useful in it? The answer is very simple - huge amounts of data collected by machines, sensors and other equipment from various sources give an idea of real events, behavior or any changes, and can reveal unbelievable patterns.

Andris Gailitis, CEO at DEAC


Andris Gailītis, CEO at DEAC

The reasons why to migrate servers can be different – from power outages to a standard change of office. If migration process causes you a headache, then you should find it’s source. What scares you the most in migration - data loss, project cost or downtime of business functions?

Andris Gailitis, CEO at DEAC


Top 3 global cloud providers, Andris Gailitis blog DEAC

Data and systems that run and power many businesses around the world are in the hands of few giant companies. The impact of TOP 3 global cloud providers on the world’s economy is significant. Political risks are high and, by choosing them, you keep stimulating their power that devastates not only many local data centers, but local economic growth and your own business stability as well.



SLA Data Center DEAC

Nowadays, when it’s so easy to access powerful IT hardware, software and IT service providers' IT solutions customized to your specific needs combining virtual, traditional and software-defined environments, the importance of reliability grows even more. Can you trust your IT system? Can you trust your service provider? Which one will be your soft pillow in the worst case scenario?



Certified data center DEAC

According to Gartner, one minute of downtime on average can lead to $5 600 losses to business. The scale of damage obviously depends on the size of the enterprise, though existence of the business is still being seriously threatened by these figures. Up to 45% of businesses close after various incidents, out of the remaining 25% will close in 2 years.




Data migration DEAC

It is not a secret that IT runs most of business operations nowadays. Changing its platform can significantly affect business operations and continuity. To be honest, it definitely will, if you won’t pay enough attention to all aspects, challenges and possible issues while migrating. Still a large number of data migrations fail due to fact that it is often considered as an unfortunate cost, leading to an underfunded and oversimplified way of data migration.




Data loss blog DEAC

Every day mankind produces 2.5 exabytes of information whilst the business data volume doubles every 14 months. Enterprises are increasingly dependent on information systems that make them vulnerable to data leakage caused by cyber attacks and computer viruses, and often the main causes of data loss are different internal risks such as human factor or various media failures. It is estimated that data leakage is faster than making a cup of coffee - 93% of successful cyber attacks take less than a minute.




5 Ways how DEAC Data Centers Help Financial Sector Businesses

Today customer service and user experience analysis play an active role in the financial sector. Customer involvement and their experience on company’s website or using the application becomes more and more important. Constantly working with these tools is more essential than it has been ever before. The fierce competition and wide range of options lets user choose a service provider that can guarantee not only an undisputable reputation, but also an excellent user experience.



The fastest Riga-Moscow channel DEAC

DEAC has replenished its highly redundant network architecture with a newly launched Riga-Moscow direct channel. The new channel reveals many opportunities for mission-critical business processes, remote access applications, backup data centers and for risks diversification processes (disaster recovery plan, backup, etc.). The speed is no longer the issue for some complex and resource intensive IT solutions as it reaches 10 Gbit/s with the superfast responsive connection of 13ms (average latency, milliseconds). Compared to other available channel options, this is by far, the fastest possible of them all. And despite the higher speed and more dense bandwidth, the cost of the channel for our customers is very competitive. Some of our customers are already experiencing the benefits of the faster direct connection.




E-commerce DEAC

The worst thing that can happen during holiday’s season is the loss of income due to website’s downtime. Sales season, launches of new products, Black Friday and different marketing campaigns create a huge span in traffic to your website. Hence, the key to the most effective use of the incoming traffic without interruptions is optimization of IT infrastructure according to high loads and creation of flexible hosting solution.

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