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Virtual servers


Choose virtual server configuration according to your business needs and quickly adapt them by making the solution attractive to projects in their dynamic development process.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a safe solution for enterprise data management in DEAC cloud. Virtual server rental service does not require any capital expenditures in infrastructure and its maintenance.

Customize virtual server for your business now!

Included in price

Virtual Server Rental DEAC
1Gbit/s unlimited bandwidth
Virtual Server Rental DEAC
Free IP address
Virtual Server Rental DEAC
Unmetered 1 Gbit port
Virtual Server Rental DEAC
Customer support 24/7
Virtual Server Rental DEAC
100% genuine components

Ready-to-use virtual servers for your business needs

We use reliable technologies and provide high security level among all our customers. Virtual servers provide the ability to manage necessary resources, add multiple IP addresses, manage data access and perform statistical analysis. DEAC server virtualization allows customers rent virtual servers tailored to customer's individual needs without delving into technological aspects of the virtual machine. In addition, virtual server rental allows to share network infrastructure with multiple users, which makes it more efficient.


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Virtual Server Rental DEAC

Fast service implementation

Quick response time of technical staff ensures capability to embrace and satisfy unexpected business needs.

Virtual Server Rental DEAC

Guaranteed resources

Each user is granted the requested power of a virtual server and the management portal makes it easy to manage resources. 1Gbit/s data transfer for each virtual machine.

Virtual Server Rental DEAC

Consistently high safety levels

Multistage physical and software protection provides a high level of data security according to world-class safety standards which is proved by certificates and recognition.

Virtual Server Rental DEAC

Developed infrastructure and redundant telecommunications network

Combined infrastructure nodes and data centers in Frankfurt, Stockholm, Kyiv, Amsterdam, and Riga with access to network resources for optimal routing.

Virtual Server Rental DEAC

The latest technologies and virtual architecture

The latest VMware solutions and HP, DELL servers to ensure effective technology usage for customers' virtual servers.


Why choose
virtual servers?

Virtual server

What is a virtual
private server?

Why choose virtual servers?

Virtual server rental is more economical solution than dedicated server rental. Moreover, virtual servers are flexible and give the opportunity to adapt resources to fit any business needs. It is your desktop environment with software and data in a secure data storage place with safe remote access. DEAC’s virtualization platform guarantees secure platform and our certified experts ensure fast implementation.

Virtual server benefits
  • Easy to change resources
  • Systems run more efficiently
  • No maintenance worries
  • Faster load times for great performance
  • Environment friendly technology

To ensure high-quality virtual server hosting, DEAC uses leading manufacturers’ virtualization software. Powerful and reliable resources and infrastructure provide high data availability and possibility to adapt resources fast and easy in data centers across Europe.

What is a virtual private server?

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are based on Virtual Machines (VM) that use physical equipment such as disk space, CPU and RAM to mirror it. This process is known as a server virtualization and it allows to create several virtual machines based on resources of one physical device. Each virtual server works as a separate physical device and can operate with its own operating system (OS). To ensure private access to your virtual server and to increase data security level use virtual private network (VPN)!

Virtual servers: technical specification

    DEAC virtual server technology divides powerful physical server into multiple isolated virtual machines with guaranteed processor power and memory as well as required operating system – Windows or Linux.

    Cloud server data security and server performance is provided according to RAID (Redundant array of Independent disks) technology - data is stored in several disks, so the loss of data on one disk will not interrupt user's access to data on another drive. HP, DELL brand servers and 3PAR storage system guarantees unlimited capacity, while the Juniper protects customer’s data from external factors. Solution’s architecture is created in a close collaboration with VMware and equipped with the latest software complex vSphere, thus providing customers with a convenient and safe management of cloud resources.