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Disaster Recovery

Be prepared and avoid your business disruption with IT Disaster Recovery plan! Nowadays disaster prevention plan is essential for company of any size to ensure its business operations running and exclude downtime situation. Such plan is required in emergencies when business data becomes unavailable due to certain circumstances. Disaster recovery plan will differ for every company, though the most important for any enterprise is recovery time. Anticipate, mitigate and prevent disasters with the help of experienced DEAC IT experts!

DEAC Business IT solutions DEAC Business IT solutions DEAC Business IT solutions

Business continuity and future confidence


We provide customers with an excellent business continuity of up to 99.995% by minimizing the consequences of a potential downtime

The highest data

Data security is fully provided: when the availability is re-established, the company data will not be lost

Safe business’ future & optimization of expenses

Avoid downtime, which involves significant expenses. A guaranteed opportunity to focus on the core business and feel secured: business continuity will be maintained

Minimize negative impact of potential disasters and utilize secure DEAC data center infrastructure, which comply with the highest standards of quality, in disaster recovery plan that fits your business needs!

DEAC has the necessary expertise, reliable infrastructure and service to prepare and implement solution for the protection of your business critical data. When designing it, IT experts thoroughly analyze existing risks of the organization, identifying the important issues to agree on the actions set forth so that the company does not incur any material losses due to unavailability of the data.

Disaster recovery plan is not just about backup; customized and comprehensive plan sets forth complex of procedures to follow so that your information is available even in case of disruptive events. Risks of delays will be minimized, business vulnerabilities - eliminated and time required for recovery of your IT system will be shortened, for you to quickly restore usual operations. Your company will be resilient even in case of emergency!

DEAC IT Business Solutions

Be prepared for a disaster! Get your recovery plan!

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