Server and Equipment Colocation


Server and equipment colocation is a service of deploying customer’s own equipment like servers, network equipment and storage systems in secure and reliable DEAC data centers. DEAC provides monitoring and administration of equipment according to your business needs, as well as delivers appropriate infrastructure developed to the highest safety requirements to lower business costs, mitigate risks and help your business execute efficient data center strategies.

Customize server and equipment colocation for your business now!

Server colocation is a suitable solution for enterprises that wants to deploy and maintain its own IT infrastructure in special designed areas of DEAC data centers built according to TIER II-IV safety standards with physical security and equipment monitoring 24/7 by spending at the same time minimal expenditures. Inside DEAC data centers you gain access to a trusted infrastructure with vital ecosystem where major networks, advanced cooling systems, multi-layered security and surveillance systems allows you to efficiently run your servers, storage devices and other hardware, keeping your business safe.

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Deploy your equipment in one or several data centers at strategically important geographical locations in Riga, London, Kiev, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Moscow. Your colocation plan will be provided with the power, bandwidth, IP address and duplicate power systems that will successfully respond to specific needs. The solution will meet your requirements from cabinet space for a single 1U server, up to a full cabinet, or server space to colocate tens of hundreds of servers. Our goal is to provide you with a colocation solution that will help your business grow while delivering high availability, redundancy, 24x7 support and high level of physical and digital security.

Equipment in data centers

Technical support and
network infrastructure

Colocated servers and equipment is equipped with all necessary to meet space, power and connectivity needs as your business grows: several independent electric channels, uninterruptible power sources (UPS), advanced cooling systems, robust fire detection, suppression systems and diesel generators ensure a continuous supply of electric power. As a result, you will get maximum of computing resources by saving on maintenance costs. This provides DEAC customers with the efficiency, reliability and scalability that fast-growing business technologies demand. Server colocation increases the flexibility of your infrastructure, the security of your network and the availability of your data while driving down maintenance costs.

DEAC’s colocation solution includes full technical support and reliable network infrastructure to provide your business with fast and secure connectivity solutions to access, manage and move large amounts of data while delivering unprecedented access to worldwide most demanding peering points. DEAC data centers are designed according to industry-leading physical and network security protection, disaster-recovery options and a wide-range of environmental controls. All DEAC data centers maintain direct connections to Internet backbones. If any Internet backbone fails, all traffic will be automatically switched to other Internet backbone. DEAC wide expanded network is powered by redundant, reliable, and high capacity Cisco and Juniper routers and switches.



What is server colocation?

Server and equipment colocation is hosting, where customers own their own hardware and rent space, power, cooling and connectivity from the established data center. The data center provides security, support and anything else that customer business needs. DEAC also offers additional services like administration and monitoring of the customer’s hardware.

What if I need a specific colocation solution?

Our services can be tailored to any business need. Additionally, our qualified IT experts can work with you to develop a solution to meet any specialized needs you may have.

Do you have available colocation space?

Yes, we have immediate availability for your colocation requirements.

Will you help me with migration process?

You can trust us your data migration and have no concerns; we have experienced migration experts and server administrators that can transfer your data from your old servers to ours, safe and without data loss.

Do I have access to my equipment colocated at DEAC?

For colocation customers we offer 24/7/365 access to authorized staff for equipment troubleshooting.

How much experience does DEAC have with colocation services?

DEAC has been providing colocation services since 1999. We own and operate our own data centers, which gives us full control over our services and the reliability of the facilities. We work with wide range of companies to provide mission critical hosting services, and we have certified staff of experts ready to help all our customers with their hosting questions and needs.

What if there is a natural disaster?

Our carrier neutral data centers have been built and designed to endure extreme scenarios. We maintain fully redundant infrastructure including power, cooling and connectivity. Each data center is connected via fiber network so that cross-site data backups can be performed regularly and quickly.

What is difference between server colocation and dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server hosting typically means that customers are using hardware provided by the data center. With colocation, the customer owns and supplies the hardware himself and simply pays for use of space in the data center. Many customers are drawn to the benefits of hosting their own hardware, especially for businesses with specific needs.

How much colocation space do I get?

A full cabinet contains 42U of cabinet space. You can choose a cabinet space that fits your business needs. Contact our specialists!

How many IP addresses are available?

Unless you have a requirement for more, you will be assigned a single IP address for each server. Along IP addresses following standard divisions in colocation racks are available:
¼ rack division - 3 IP addresses
½ rack division – 5 IP addresses
Full 42U rack – 8 IP addresses
In addition, you can get as much as required IPv6 addresses.

Can I visit your data center before I purchase colocation services?

Yes, of course! We are proud of our data center and happy to give you a tour. In fact, we always recommend visiting a data center before you want to move in. Please contact DEAC customer support to schedule your tour!

How long does it take to get my colocation solution ready?

We are usually providing ready solution by the next business day. In some cases, if there is a need to purchase new equipment, it can take up to few weeks. DEAC allows moving your equipment in data centers as long as it takes, and will start billing you as soon as your colocation solution will be ready and will start working.

Do you sell hardware (server and network hardware)?

Yes, we can provide all the necessary hardware and install it for you, please contact us!

What kind of payment methods do you provide?

Different payment methods are available depending on whether you have monthly colocation space rent plan, you have chosen buying your own servers or just renting rack space. DEAC provides flexibility to meet growing infrastructure needs: OpEx lease and lease-to-own payment models available.

Is it possible to test your infrastructure for colocation first?

Yes, we can offer you a colocation solution for a few days to one week, to test our infrastructure.

How fast is the network for my server and equipment colocation?

We offer everything from 100 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s connections. All equipment also come with unlimited bandwidth.

We will provide a second port at no charge upon request, also for a remote console management device if the customer has one. We typically provide more than enough space to include a switch when colocating more than one server. Cross connect is also available for additional fee.

Do you provide me with a firewall?

No, we do not provide you with shared firewall service. As an option you are welcome to choose dedicated firewall or you can colocate your own hardware firewall along with your other equipment (as long as you stay within your allocated space and overall power usage), or you can run software firewall services right on your servers. In this way, you have complete control over your firewall settings.

What kind of additional services do you provide?

We offer a wide range of access control systems, individual video surveillance, as well as vibration, humidity and temperature sensors. GSM on/off also is available upon the request.


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