Data Security Solutions

Data Security Solutions DEAC

DEAC offers flexible data security solutions that provide business continuity and stability. Data loss, malicious or unauthorized data transfer and cyber-attacks - all that is a reality nowadays and requires enhanced data protection for your business processes. Protect your users and corporate information by choosing an individual business security mix - protect computers, laptops, smartphones, file and mail servers or company gateways across all platforms, devices and applications.

Data Security Solutions DEAC

Data Security Solutions DEAC

Data Security Solutions DEAC

Business Continuity  
Focus on your core business, our experts will take care of IT system operations and your business continuity

Cost Optimization and Reduction
Reliable protection against data loss and IT risks reduction will save you from unnecessary expenses on disaster recovery operations

The Highest Level of Data Security 360⁰
Multilevel data and software protection as well as individual security strategy will provide your business with the necessary data security level

Back up as a Service DEAC

Back up as a Service (BaaS) Business-Class Solution

BaaS will provide you with business continuity in a crisis situations and reduce data loss or deletion risks. DEAC business-class backup solution is based on virtualization platform with the highest data security standards. That will allow you to manage data backup and recovery at any time and place in DEAC cloud and pay only for backup storage amount you need! Full or partial file encryption is provided for the highest security level.

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Data Security Solutions DEAC

DDoS Protection and Mitigation DEAC

DDoS Protection and Mitigation

Solution will protect you against cyber-attacks by detecting and blocking cyber threat access to your data, but at the same time keeping it accessible for you, your employees or customers. With DEAC long-term international experience on customized and complex IT solutions you can rest assured that DEAC experts will implement the best DDoS mitigation configuration for your business needs. This solution will provide your business process continuity and information security!

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Disaster Recovery DEAC

Disaster Recovery

DEAC IT experts will develop an individual disaster recovery plan that suits your business IT needs. Our IT experts will help you to identify the important issues and agree on the actions set forth by the disaster recovery to ensure that the company does not incur any losses due to the unavailability of the data in downtime situations. This solution will help you to manage IT risks that can affect your data security or harm your business with a downtime!

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Data Security Solutions DEAC

Deac IT Business Solutions

Contact us for more information and get individual data security plan for your business needs!

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DEAC IT experts will prepare and adjust individual data security plan for your business that will allow you to mitigate and avoid unwanted IT risks. You are paying only for resources that your business actually needs! DEAC primary goal is to secure its customers valuable company data assets, utilizing over time-tested tools like a protection from a distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), data backup (BaaS) and disaster recovery solutions to keep businesses operating and secure 24/7/365. DEAC treats the privacy of customers’ data as a top priority.

Security policy

Business continuity

To assure the completeness of DEAC security policies, we follow the ISO 27001:2013 architecture as a baseline. In fact, DEAC has implemented a complex network architecture to meet the robust PCI DSS compliance policy, which is “a must” in case your company accepts, stores, processes or transmits credit card data. DEAC expertise as a Microsoft Gold datacenter partner on the latest Microsoft technology, help its customers to drive efficient and innovative solutions on a robust, streamlined, and scalable Microsoft infrastructure platform. The gold level is the highest Microsoft partner level, putting DEAC in an exclusive category with other top partners. Find out more about DEAC certificates and partners!

Business continuity, in other words, disaster recovery plan defines scheme, procedures and guidelines for the company in the event of disaster. Disaster recovery plan establishes procedures for recovering business operations, information, as well as internal data security, systems and critical internal functions to maintain DEAC actions in case of unexpected events. Have your company ever considered if you were affected by a critical failure? Does your company backup its valuable information? It is necessary to ground everything on the importance of each service to your business. What is the cost of having each service down? What are acceptable recovery timeframes? Is there any disaster recovery plan foreseen? What data protection and security measures are taken by the business?

Work with our experts to design and manage your end-to-end risk mitigation strategy that is tailored to meet the needs of your business and minimize the risk of data theft and compromising your secure information!


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