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SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Service Level Agreement (SLA) specifies a guaranteed time of response during which the DEAC technical personnel initiate processing of a customer's request and start problem solving.

Business demands vary, and the main task of a head of a company is to solve the pending matters in a quick manner to be able to pay full attention to the core activities of the business. When IT outsourcing is involved, it is essential to identify which risks should be delegated and which ones can be dealt with on the site.

By cooperation with more than 2500 customers from 40 countries, DEAC has created several service levels that substantially facilitate attainment of the long-term strategic goals of a company.

If you need help with choosing an optimal and efficient service level, do not hesitate to contact the experts of DEAC via the means of communication of your preference.


Service levels


Standard agreement

Speed of response

First-come, first-served





12 - 24 h

Mon - Fri



 4 - 8 h

Mon - Sun



 1 - 2 h  24 / 7


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