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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Caring about our customers, DEAC Private Data Centers created SLA service level agreements to guarantee service availability and transparently lay out by which metrics provided services are measured, as well as arrangements in case the agreed level of service is not achieved. Our experience with customers from more than 40 countries has facilitated to develop SLA levels that substantially help to attain long-term strategic goals of the company.




We guarantee timely assistance from DEAC customer support in accordance with the SLA.
Forget about technical concerns - trust them to IT experts!

Our commitment to the Reaction Time Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures that we promptly address customer issues and initiate problem-solving within the agreed-upon timeframe.
No stress - you can choose the reaction time from the 24-hour best effort to 30 minutes during business hours or 24/7.

Availability in business hours is 9:00 to 18:00 EET (UTC/GMT +2 hours) Monday to Friday.

Reaction Time Options

  • 24h best-effort during business hours

  • 4 h during business hours

  • 1 h during business hours

  • 30 min during business hours

  • 4 h anytime (24x7)

  • 1 h anytime (24x7)

  • 30 min anytime (24x7)

Service Level Agreement (SLA) between provider of data center services DEAC and customer individually defines performance, availability and responsibility guarantees and is an important part of the contract. Choose reliable services with high level of availability and guaranteed time of reaction during which DEAC technical experts initiate processing of customer's request and start problem solving.

Business demands vary and rapidly change; accordingly, the main task of a head of a company is to solve the pending matters in a quick manner to be able to pay full attention to the core activities of the business, which is also the most cost-effective and profitable way to do business. Achieve your targets faster and improve productivity with reliable IT outsourcing partner - identify, which risks to delegate and which ones to deal on site.

Besides service-based service level agreements with certain SLA levels, we are responsive to customer’s specific business needs; hence, we provide customer-based service level agreements, too. If you need help with SLA levels to choose an optimal and efficient service, do not hesitate to contact our experts via means of communication of your preference and benefit from untroubled IT solutions!


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