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User manuals

User manuals
Software Inventory Logging (SIL) setup instructions
Data Backup BaaS user manuals

Baas management (Cloud) portal: summary

  • Log in and change the original password
  • Create a new backup node 
  • Add to node automated backup schedule 

Quick start guide for BaaS management (Cloud) portal here.

Installation of Backup Archive Client: summary

  • Select the installation file
  • Complete the installation by leaving the default values
  • Configure backup client by using the proposed configuration file sample
  • When connecting for the first time, change the original password
  • Set the service to manage automated backup schedule

Quick-start guide for Backup Archive installation for Windows here.

Quick-start guide for Backup Archive installation for Linux here.

Setting up of new Exchange e-mail account in asp (if Outlook 2010 is already used)
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