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Business continuity

Business continuity is becoming increasingly important

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in ensuring the core business of many companies, which at the same time poses significant risks to business interruptions in the event of IT downtime. Reduce these risks and avoid unforeseen costs.

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The potential for downtime is rising

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In a rapidly changing world, the correct use of IT services is important

Along with the growth of business continuity threats, the importance of the smooth operation of enterprise IT systems is growing. To ensure information security and resiliency, it is vital for companies to timely assess the operational risks and implement a disaster recovery plan.

The optimal solution is the use of a geographically remote backup IT infrastructure, which will ensure information protection, maximum confidentiality and a high level of data transfer.

With a backup infrastructure in a secure separate environment, in the event of an incident, you can quickly resume your work.

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Steps for implementing disaster recovery

Audit and consultation DEAC

Audit and consultation of IT experts

Disaster recovery steps DEAC
Personalized disaster recovery plan DEAC

Developing a personalized disaster recovery plan

IT continuity DEAC
IT Pilot project DEAC

Pilot project on client's request

IT recovery steps DEAC
Migration of data and IT systems DEAC

Migration of data and IT systems according to customer requirements

IT backup and recovery DEAC
Regular testing of IT solutions DEAC

Monitoring, optimization and regular testing of the solution

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