Rack Rental

Rack rental is a service of colocating your own or rented equipment in a specialized server room of a world-class data center, that is equipped with high-speed Internet connection, physical security and uninterrupted power supply. The solution allows decreasing IT maintenance costs and expanding IT infrastructure easily and quickly, as well as ensuring continuity of the processes up to 100%.

Customize server rack for your business now!

Personal private cabinet for your data - server rack

DEAC offers not only full server racks, but also a possibility to use only a half or quarter (partial rack rental) in the server rack cabinet. Now you can use a server rack space that fits your business needs. Partial rack operates as an independent system. DEAC offers extra security systems as well.

Choose extra security systems:

    Server rack rental DEAC   Manage access rights and HID card users remotely

    Server rack rental DEAC   Stop and restore power by sending an SMS to a dedicated phone number

    Server rack rental DEAC   Choose internal or external video surveillance for your rack cabinet

    Server rack rental DEAC   Use temperature, humidity and vibration sensors to remotely monitor the environment

Server rack rental DEAC

There are 8U available in ¼ rack cabinet
There are 18U or 16U available in ½ rack cabinet

Data center server rooms with available and ready-for-work racks provide companies an opportunity to deploy their servers and other equipment in the most suitable and appropriate conditions, delivering data availability 24/7. The customer can define access policy to each dedicated rack, as well as determine appropriate administration and monitoring of equipment. The security level of racks can be increased with individual access right, rack locks, video cameras and other security systems.

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DEAC server rack cabinets are dedicated individually for each customer, even if customer rents server rack space, which is shared among several users. Access to the rack and equipment therein is permitted only to individuals of the customer's choice. Customers can store equipment with unlimited amounts of data as well as increase and adjust the amount of racks as needed. Upon individual request customer can choose one or several data center locations for renting racks such as Riga, London, Moscow, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Kiev, Amsterdam and Moscow.

DEAC data centers provide efficient cooling equipment and climate control in server rooms. Server cabinet has a closed-type design that makes cooling system inside the server cabinet more efficient. Uninterrupted power supply and guaranteed channels provide equipment operation with no downtime.



Do you offer remote hands services?

Yes, DEAC’s certified experts provide professional assistance and perform tasks with customers’ equipment according to their needs. We ensure different remote hands services after request: hardware replacement or installation, server reboots and relocations, cables connection and indicators connection tests, audits, components of the equipment change, configuration etc. Contact our experts to receive emergency, planned or routine maintenance for your server racks.

How many electrical connections are available in ½ and ¼ racks?

There are two PDU (Power Distribution Unit) options for each rack cabinet. You can choose between:

  • 12 outlets (10xC13, 2xC19), power consumption 3,8kW. Possibility to add extra PDUs (extra space required). (APC AP9559)
  • 8 outlets (8xC13), power consumption 2,8kW. Possibility to add extra PDUs (extra space required). (APC AP7920B)

Do you offer a partial rack rental?

Yes, DEAC offers full and partial rack rental. A full rack means that you are renting all U slots in the rack. DEAC provides 42U server rack cabinets. You can choose to rent half and quarter rack. The system is completely separated for all partial server rack cabinets.

Can I colocate my own servers in DEAC’s server racks?

Yes, you can colocate your own servers in the rack or choose DEAC’s equipment. Read more about server colocation.

Can I use full rack rental even if I don’t use all U slots?

Yes and we advise you to consider renting full rack instead of partial, even if you don’t need all U slots at the moment. If you predict fast growth for your business, it will be easier and faster to upgrade your service without having to revise components as may happen if you rent a partial server rack cabinet.

What kind of Internet channels do you use?

DEAC’s network infrastructure is built on leading manufacturers’ equipment Cisco and Juniper. It provides high-speed and high-capacity connectivity to major Internet connectivity nodes. We guarantee high performance and low latency network. Each server cabinet provides unmetered Internet connection 100 Mbit/s.

Do you maintain non-standard requests?

Yes, DEAC’s specialists are used to non-standard service requests and complex queries including highly loaded rack cabinets and non-standard equipment. We will look up for the best solution for you.


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