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DDoS Protection & Mitigation Service

... DDoS Protection & Mitigation Service
DDoS Protection & Mitigation Service

Protect your online services from unwanted attacks and avoid downtime of your online applications with DDoS Mitigation Service! Service is designed to protect infrastructure and customer online processes against different types of

DDoS attacks

that are on the rise and over the past few years have evolved into complex and overwhelming security challenges for organizations of any size. A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack uses many hijacked computers to send coordinated requests against one or more targets and floods a website or application with a high volume of traffic, causing crash of servers or their inability to operate.

DDoS Protection DEAC DDoS Protection DEAC DDoS Protection DEAC

DDoS Attack


DDoS protection service automatically detects attacks and blocks known attack patterns to ensure business continuity of up to 99.995%

Protection Against DDoS Attacks

Some services mitigate only certain types of attacks, while we defend against known attack patterns across entire infrastructure

Uninterrupted Customer Experience

We ensure your network is always up and running, maintaining excellent user response time even when under attack

Anti-DDoS service is centrally distributed through our network and protects against multiple attack types, with a single point of contact delivering equipment and service. When an unusual quality or type of traffic is detected, the protection system is activated. DDoS protection neutralizes flooding attacks within milliseconds of emergence by rapidly detecting, filtering and blocking DDoS packets, while allowing legitimate business traffic to flow unimpeded. It clears attack traffic before it reaches the company's Internet pipe, protecting against downtime and service degradation. The service notifies you that attacks are occurring with no limit to the number of auto mitigations performed.

DDoS scheme DEAC

Depending on your preferences for the level of protection, we offer two types of service. Each service has adaptable options, for technical details see specification below.

Volume DDoS protection DEAC

Volume DDoS protection

– created to mitigate attacks, which produce high amount of traffic to overload and deny services. Using DEAC volume anti-DDoS your network infrastructure will be safe and protected.

Smart DDoS protection DEAC

Smart DDoS protection

– your advanced protection against both volume and smart attacks, which try to exhaust server resources by exploiting their vulnerabilities. Protect your server from attacks like TCP SYN Flood, Slow read attack, HTTP GET/POST flood, Zero-Day vulnerabilities and others.

deac ddos attack map realtime online
Technical specification
  • 24/7 monitoring and reporting tools for early detection, real-time email notifications let you know when there is a threat in your network.
  • Anti-DDoS service automatically detects attacks and blocks known attack patterns including network attacks, protocol attacks and application attacks.
  • Under 5% false-positive incidents during DDoS attack mitigation.
  • 1000Gbps passive bandwidth – determined IP packet processing without establishing TCP connection.
  • Over 300Gbps active bandwidth – every incoming TCP connection is processed and analyzed.
  • Added latency when traffic proxying is used – 0 to 100ms. In case HTTP traffic comes through the proxy, due to using persistent HTTP connections with your protected service there is a possibility of increase in its performance.
  • Detailed information for types of anti-DDoS protection:




    Service includes

    Defends your network infrastructure against volume traffic per single IPv4 address.

    Mitigates both volume & smart attacks with HTTP filtration (per single service).

    You can choose

    - number of IPv4 addresses

    - Clean downlink bandwidth

    - number of IPv4 addresses

    - Clean downlink bandwidth

    - Dirty downlink bandwidth

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